W. H. Pugmire's "The Woven Offspring"


  1. This is an old video of whut I once thought was my finest story. The tale is an example of tragick reality express'd as fiction. Some of the incidents portray'd within ye narrative are taken from my life.

  2. Thank you for the work, W.H..
    May your next adventures be glorious.

  3. This is a Way where you can
    get ideas FROM our wurxx -
    I have a lil German in me, too:
    my Brooklyn grandpa was
    half Kraut; he became an
    undertaker who used to kid,
    'Nope. No shortage of cash.
    Somebuddy's always dying'.
    I find that extremely hilarious:
    I'm a NDEr now.
    Who knew??
    God bless you.

  4. I wander through the Sesqua Valley missing you.


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