New S. T. Joshi Video Interview on Octobye 1st!!!

S. T. will be driving me down to Portland, Oregon for this very last H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival, on Friday  ye first of Octobyr.  Just before we depart we're going to record another live video interview on me webcam for my MrWilum channel over at YouTube.  Should be mass fun.  He seems anxious to plug his mystery novel, The Removal Company, and discuss his life as a novelist.  It has been his secret ambition all these decades to write fiction.  His novel is quite good, and I believe a second book is ready for publication, probably under his own byline since there is another mystery novelist writing under ye name of J. K. Maxwell. 

Of course S. T.'s moft astounding plot as fiction writer is to
write a biographical novel on the life of H. P. Lovecraft.  He is certainly equipped to write such a book, as his definitive biography of H. P. Lovecraft, I Am Providence, has just been publish'd in two volumes by Hippocampus Press.  Derrick now has had the books shipped to him and is frantically busy sending out ye order'd copies, the first 350 of which (out of 1,000, I believe) are sign'd by S. T.  Gawd, an authentic novel about the life of Lovecraft, penned by ye World's Leading Lovecraft Scholar -- whut a rad treat that will be!!

Hope to see many of you's at ye Hollywood Theatre, & then come join me at the Tony Starlight's Supper Club & Lounge each night after ye festival and imbibe a glass of absinthe with me.  We can drink a toast to Oscar Wilde, or Baudelaire!


  1. Excellent! Limited editions are sadly out of my reach but HP Lovecraft: A Life was one of the most awe-inspiring books I've ever read. I shall look forward to that video interview.

  2. He has given us so much. I regard him as some kind of demi-god. Like Lovecraft,to my mind his name should have 'Lord' or something before it!


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