New Book Just Sold to ARCANE WISDOM !

The year is ending strangely & beautifully.  I say strangely because I still find it bewildering that I was able to write a wee book of 37,000 words in six weeks.  I have never experienced that before and it rather feels like a dream I had. I challenged myself to try and write the book before this year ended, before I left for MythosCon.  What happened was, I became so obsess'd with writing the thing, and so determined to emulate the rush with which H. P. Lovecraft penned his sonnet sequence, Fungi from Yuggoth (said sequence being the inspiration for my book), that I entered into a kind of self-made state of surrealism. leaving "reality" behind and becoming utterly consumed by the world that I was creating with my keyboard.  I told myself, "If Lovecraft could write his entire sequence of 35 sonnets in less than two weeks, I can write my sequence of 36 prose-poems in less than two months."  The entire experience has proved to be one of life's happiest.  Larry Roberts, of Bloodletting Press, had asked me two years ago if I would be interested in writing a wee chapbook for Arcane Wisdom.  It has taken me this long to come up with an idea that interested me enough to write it.  The big push of inspiration came from listening to William Hart's reading of the entire Fungi from Yuggoth sequence at YouTube, where each sonnet is read and can be read with its text presented in a font that replicates HPL's handwriting.  Pretty sweet.

So I wrote my book and submitted it to Larry Roberts.  He accepted the book today, and will publish it next year -- not only as a chapbook but with a limited hardcover edition of 100 copies!  So I shall have two cool hardcovers out next year, this new book and The Tangled Muse, both beautifully design'd & presented so as to emphasize their decadent nature.  I am unutterably delighted.

I've been joking that I may have four new books publish'd next year: but maybe it's no joke!
The Tangled Muse, publish'd by Centipede Press in a limited edition illustrated hardcover edition;
Uncommon Places, published in paperback by Hippocampus Press;
The Strange Dark One--Tales of Nyarlathotep, probably trade pb but possibly as hardcover as well, from Mythos Books;
Some Unknown Gulf of Night, as chapbook & limited edition hardcover from Arcane Wisdom.
Talk about glutting ye field!  Now I need to slow down and just do two books next year.
Thanks to y'all for visiting my blog, and I wish ye all a Fabulous New Year!

poftscriptum:--  My buddy Jerry Worthington has agreed to write an Introduction to Some Unknown Gulf of Night -- I actually sent him new segments of the thing as I wrote them and thus he experienced the work unfolding before him, and he was gracious enough to proof each segment and give comments that not only helped me correct some things within ye text but also influenced the direction of some of the segments.  He has just sent me ye rough of his Intro and it is exactly right.  J. D. is an astute student of the genre and H. P. Lovecraft, and his amazing insights may be found at the Science Fiction Fantasy Chronicles Forum: 


  1. Congratulations, Wilum. Beyond the getting into print part, it must feel so good to be able to collect, fashion and pour out your ideas into fulfilling word constructs.

    I hope this streak continues. Wish you a happy new year too.

  2. Many thanks! It feels really great and bewildering at the same time. It feels like artistic growth, the things I've accomplished this year. I hope it continues throughout next year.


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