Eldritch Erections

I find this image extremely Lovecraftian--kind of a blending of the rising of R'lyeh with ye farmstead in "The Colour out of Space."  Indeed, I may have a scene in a new story that I am writing (a story that also blends "Ye Call of Cthulhu" with "Ye Colour out of Space") that I am planning on submitting to S. T. for Black Wings IV.  My tale with also have a Ligottian theme of puppets, in slight proportion.  I loved the film from which ye above still is taken, The Monolith Monsters, ever since I first saw it in a wee local cinema house when I was but a wee lad.  I've not seen the film for many decades, but I remember the infant me being slightly traumatized by the character of a young girl whose arm is infected by ye cosmic debris and turns black with infection.

I think--I think I am finally finding my way back into creativity.  I hope so.  It is the only thing that can give meaning to my absurd existence.


  1. So glad to hear you are doing better, Wilum. Hang in there!


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