More HPLFF Memories

ye gang sing me "Happy Birthday"
with Niels S Hobbs, Esq.

With Mike Davis of ye Lovecraft eZine and Niels Hobbs who is organizing NecronomiCon Providence 2013.  Mike does a live Lovecraftian Google Hang-out most Sundays.  His eZine is fantastic, and is he.  Niels has really dedicated himself to making the Providence convention an amazing experience, and I predict that it will be ye greatest gathering of Lovecraftians ever.  I knew I would be able to relate to Niels when I saw the photo below from his youthful punk days.  I like yem rad children!

With Andrew Migliore, who began the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival almoft twenty years ago.  When I'm in my ghoulish makeup I like to try and act creepy and spooky; but I was so amazed & delighted with my cosmic Cthulhu birthday cake that I'm almoft glowing with joy.  What wonderful chums I have!

With Mike Davis, who holds ye framed copy of my t-shirt image that Sam and Nick presented me with.  The bench we're sitting on has become the place where I am usually found at the film festival.

Another shot with the might Joe Pulver and Mike Davis.  Sweetest chums a queen ever had!

And now it's just a wee wait until we do it all again in Providence!  It has been such a dream, to be able to attend a Lovecraft convention in Providence, Rhode Island.  It's going to be fantastic.  One special delight will be to see again that sweet man, Laird Barron.  Here he is, below, posing with Cody Goodfellow at WFC.  I hope to see many of ye in PROVIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday memories! That has to be thee happiest ghoul in town! Go, ghoul! G. ;-)=


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