Extreme & Lunatic Lovecraftian Fervor

Is that the face of lunacy, of daemoniacal obsession?  I begin to worry about my mental state.  I cannot stop obsessing about H. P. Lovecraft.  I cannot resist going to forums and beginning Lovecraft threads where I insist that H. P. Lovecraft is an extremely important American fantasist.  And when the fools disagree with me, when they cannot comprehend the truth of my convictions, I howl at them for their stupidity.  I howl.

howling like an obsess'd lunatic fanboy

Perhaps -- mayhap it is but ye growing fervor that boils in my brain in anticipation of NecronomiCon Providence 2013 -- &, my gawd, if I'm this bad nigh, whut will I be like after a week of intense Lovecraftian splendor?  Great Yuggoth!  Perhaps I have caught this infection from having S. T. Joshi live in town and visiting me so oft, & spilling into my soul his own Lovecraftian ecstasy.

Or maybe it comes from my insane over-productivity as a writer of Lovecraftian weird fiction.  My graces, I've written so much these past few years, like one caught within a whirlpool of Lovecraftian euphoria.  Enough already.  I shall not publish a new book for two years.  (but....but...you love having a new book publish'd, you're as happy as a wee child on her birthday...especially when your publisher does such a wondrous job in bringing forth a beautiful volume with sumptuous illustrations...)

(but you also have this thing, this paranoia, about misprints.  Like on page 63 of the new book, where you typed "destiny" instead of "destination", or in the same story where you used the word "queer" about ten or fifteen times, such ridiculous overuse.  You've got to become more polish'd & professional; perhaps reading your docs slowly and aloud will help you to maturely proof your texts)

Anyway.  Now I am determined to restrain this impulse, this craving to tell the clueless world that H. P. Lovecraft is not only a good writer but a great writer.  I need to resist the lure of forums, where my passion for Lovecraft cannot be comprehended.  I need to danse my ecstasy in ye privacy of my living room, where only the walls and the cats need hear the echoes of my Lovecraftian euphoria.

Am I strong enough???

I think I am extremely lucky to have ye writing of such books as my full-time occupation!


  1. Mr Pugmire, you have the strength within to be you. Nothing else is needed. Remember the wise fatherly words of Polonius "This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man". I love the look of "Bohemians" - and look forward to thee paperback version. I was re-reading The Tangled Muse last night and revelling in decadent prose. Thank you for your words. They are a blessing in a naughty world. All the best, G. ;-)=

  2. It's frustrating to go to these horror forums and people just don't "get" the passion, or my belief in textual purity. I mean, if after I'm dead some editor decides to rearrange my paragraphs or change my wordage or delete sentences they think superfluous, I'd come back and haunt ye mofo. But so many people seem to think it's no problem when editors do exactly the same thing to Lovecraft's texts. I have completely lost interest in trying to make the forum freaks understand, & will be limiting my Lovecraftian passion to YouTube vlogs and here at me blog. Thank ye, my sweet, for your kind words.

  3. It's no problem at all. My partner has Asperger Syndrome and as an actor I appreciate thee sanctity of words (the actor is the servant of the playwright) and how the choice of words are important - meanings and mood alter subtly with succinct changes in vocabulary. I am very careful about my use of words, but appreciate that most are not and am often mopping up after them too. You my friend are a wordsmith. Your Art is beyond thee dross of this world. HPL would also be turning in his grave at the thought of bad editing. (An strange saying but thee image he might appreciate!) Smiles to thee.


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