oy, I am so antient

The above image is so wonderful I had to share it.  Thank ye, Andrea Bonazzi!

Gawd, 63 years old.  It's beginning to feel weird, being so antique.  I never expected to live this long, thought I'd kick-off from a heart attack or some such thing years ago.  I have many things to live for, this wonderful house left by my parents, where I am able to live with a most handsome companion and lots of cat chums.  But moftly what I am thankful for on this birthday is my life as a professional Lovecraftian writer, and my fabulous fans.  I have the coolest readers ever, they are so loyal and loving, and they make me feel that I haven't been wasting my life, that I have added some happiness to this sad world, that I have added my own voice to the weird genre.

I am more obsess'd than ever about writing Lovecraftian weird fiction.  People don't understand when I say things like, "I want to be known as a Lovecraftian writer, I want that to be my entire identity."  I say that with deep-felt sincerity.  I love this life as an obsess'd Lovecraftian.  Writing Lovecraftian weird fiction has given me my keenest joy.  H. P. Lovecraft's fiction bewitches me more and more with each passing year, and this obsession of mine will live eternal, until I slide into whatever world awaits us beyond the wall of sleep.

I love you all.  You are the sweetest birthday present an old queen cou'd ever have.  Kisses, my darlings.


  1. Happy Birthday, Wilum! Have a great day and weekend, followed by a fabulous year.

  2. Happy Birthday Wilum! Thee servers here in ye Old Country are Neanderthal and block your site from me occasionally so today is the first chance I have had to say a huge Happy Birthday! As much as the echo of Lovecraft's voice down thee Aeons inspires you, so you in turn inspire others, me included. Your writings are unique creations and an essential link in the Lovecraftian chain to the Generations of writers to come. We thanks ye and looks forward to more Sesqua Valley tales! xOx G. ;-)=


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