Monstrous Aftermath

I don't seem to be able to get far into any new thing I begin.  It's not writer's block but rather a deep-rooted apathy toward work, I think.  Laziness and lack of inspiration.  Of course, it is ill-timed, as I want to have a new book out from Hippocampus Press.  Thus I've been gathering some things that have not been collected in any book of mine, and I think they will help round out a wee collection of about 60,000 words--still a very short book, but large enough.  I have decided I want to call this book Monstrous Aftermath, a title I was gong to use for my proposed second book from Centipede Press.  "Monstrous aftermath" is from Lovecraft's sonnet, "The Howler," in Fungi from Yuggoth (where the word "monstrous" occurs frequently).  Because the main portion of the new book is my revised/expanded version of "Some Unknown Gulf of Night," a work entirely inspir'd by Lovecraft's sonnet cycle, I wanted the book's title to reflect those sonnets.  I plan on writing one new story of 3,000 words or so, entitled "Monstrous Aftermath," that will also be inspired by E'ch-Pi-El's sonnet cycle.  Thus far, the Contents I envision for this new book is thus:

1.) "Within Your Unholy Pit of Shoggoths" (1,750 words)
2.) "Your Weighing of My Heart" (1,325 words)
3.) "A Shadow of Thy Own Design" (not yet written; hoping it to be around 3,000 words)
4.) "The Tomb of Oscar Wilde" (1,600 words)
5.) "An Ecstasy of Fear" (11,600 words)
6.) "Darkness Dancing in Your Eyes" (1,680 words)
7.) "Beyond the Wakeful Senses" (1,800 words)
8.) "Half Lost in Shadow" (2,670 words)
9.) "Circular Bones (sequence of three sonnets)
10.) "Jester of Yellow Day" (1,130 words)
11.) "This Splendor of the Goat" (10,900 words)
12.) "Monstrous Aftermath" (2,425 words)
13.) "An Element of Nightmare" (3,630 words)
14.) "Some Unknown Gulf of Night" (40,000 words)

That's a little over 20,000 words not including "Gulf".  So, all in all, a book of about 60,000 words total.   And I have a hankering to write one more new wee thing, to bring story count to 13--my favourite number.  Still a short book, but long enough for one that is overtly poetic and decadent.  It wou'd be cool if the book cou'd be publish'd in time for NecronomiCon 2015--but that may be unrealistic.  We shall see.  I've added two longish novelettes that were in Bohemians of Sesqua Valley, and I think they will go well with the shorter pieces.  I haven't included "A Quest of Dream" from that book because Laird Barron is reprinting it in Year's Best Weird Fiction.  All in all, this new book will be an excellent representation of my new writing from ye past few years.  


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