Soon in Nameless Softcover!

Ye trade paperback volumes of Lovecraft's Collected Fiction in S. T. Joshi's Variorum Editions are now available for pre-order at Amazon. Each volume may be purchased separately for $25@. The texts will be slightly improved, as Martin Andersson has supplied S. T. with additionally discover'd corrections since ye publication of ye hardcover editions. So far, these pb editions are not being offer'd at Hippocampus Press, where one assumes they will be sold only as a complete set of three. 

Derrick wrote on Facebook: "There is a Kindle edition coming, featuring  auto-updates in case any new [textual] variants emerge."

A fourth hardcover volume, of Lovecraft's revisions & collaborations, is set to be publish'd this year. These volumes are the ultimate editions of Lovecraft's excellent weird fiction. 


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