Friday, June 26, 2015

Queer Love, Baby

I am delighted that gay marriage is now legal in all American cities. Hopefully, this triumph will lead to more victories in cases of employment and housing discrimination aim'd at my queer sisters & brothers. The timing of this decision by ye Supreme Court is delicious, as this is Gay Pride Week-end, and I suspect that Sunday's pride parade is going to be one big-ass party of celebration & self-esteem. I no longer attend pride celebrations because of my diseased heart condition and inability to walk for any great length of time; but I must confess that I feel a real urge to be at the march this Sunday, just to soak up the positive vibes of love and joy.

However, as a queer Mormon, I feel that my place Sunday will be at church, because the church is very very anti-gay marriage. I once went to church and found, on a table in ye foyer, wee leaflets that proclaimed "Protect traditional marriage". My constant mental response to this is: "Protect traditional marriage from what?" How cou'd my marriage, if it ever occur'd, effect any heterosexual marriage. If I got marry'd, how cou'd it have any effect on my buddy S. T. Joshi's marriage to his charming and lovely wife, Mary? This bizarre and sick idea that gay marriage will affect straight marriage needs to be quashed.So, I suspect to hear some anti-gay marriage sentiments when I attend church this Sunday, and that makes me feel, more than ever, that I need to be at church so that my brothers and sisters there can see an extremely joyous and proud gay Mormon who is indeed celebrating the fact that queer marriage is now the law of the land. I need to be there to counter the sad frowns of discouraged bigotry, to smile and exude pure joy.

Cristien and I have the gay pride flag flying over our front porch. We are happy to declare that this household is a queer household. I am one happy queen to-day!

Thursday, June 25, 2015


My next book, Monstrous Aftermath, is now up for pre-order at Hippocampus Press. It is scheduled to be publish'd in August and will sell for $20. Cover art and interior illustrations are by ye magnificent Matthew Jaffe (to ye left is his rendering of my favourite Lovecraftian beastie, ye night-gaunt, one of several interior illos for my book). Here is ye back cover copy that S. T. wrote for ye book:

"For decades, W. H. Pugmire has been one of the foremost exponents of Lovecraftian fiction. In an array of works ranging from exquisitely crafted sonnets to delicately perfumed prose-poems to richly-textured novellas, Pugmire has channeled the work of H. P. Lovecraft with a sensitivity and penetration that few have equaled. This new collection displays Pugmire's many strengths as a writer. Here we have stories inspired not only by Lovecraft but by Oscar Wilde and Robert W. Chambers. Many of them are set in the Sesqua Valley, that magical realm in the Pacific Northwest that Pugmire has devised as a parallel to the constellation of New England towns--Arkham, Innsmouth, Dunwich, and others--that Lovecraft fashioned in his tales of the Cthulhu Mythos.

"The capstone to the collection is a substantially revised version of Pugmire's classic prose rendering of Lovecraft's Fungi from Yuggoth sonnet cycle. This work, Some Unknown Gulf of Night, exhibits the full range of Pugmire's imagination--an imagination triggered by literature and infused with the quintessence of his own aesthetic sensibility. As a bonus, Lovecraft's poem is included so that readers can appreciate Pugmire's wondrous transmutation of verse into prose that is scarcely less poetic than the original.

"W. H. Pugmire is a self-confessed 'Lovecraft fan-boy' whose books include The Fungal Stain (Hippocampus Press, 2006), The Tangled Muse (2011), Uncommon Places (Hippocampus Press, 2012) and Bohemians of Sesqua Valley (2013). He lives in Seattle with a house full of cats from Ulthar."

"Within Your Unholy Pit of Shoggoths" (1,750 words)
"Your Weighing of My Heart (1,325 words)
"The Tomb of Oscar Wilde" (1,600 words)
"These Harpies of Carcosa" (1,380 words)
"An Ecstasy of Fear" (11,600 words)
"Darkness Dancing in Your Eyes" (1,681 words)
"Beyond the Wakeful Senses" (1,800 words)
"Ye Unkempt Thing" (4,130 words)
"Half Lost in Shadow" (2,670 words)
"Circular Bones" (363 words; sequence of three sonnets)
"Jester of Yellow Day" (1,130 words)
"This Splendor of the Goat" (10,900 words)
"An Element of Nightmare" (3,630 words)
"Some Unknown Gulf of Night" (40,000 words)
Fungi from Yuggoth, by H. P. Lovecraft, Esq.