Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lovecraftian Horror

This is the working draft jacket for volume one of THE VARIORUM LOVECRAFT.  I am utterly entranc'd.  It has such delicious mood.  The touch of having E'ch-Pi-El gaze from out a haunted mirror is pure genius; and I love that Lovecraft's notes and etching for At the Mountains of Madness were incorporated, as well as. in ye margins, one of Grandpa's epistles.  Even the photo of ye book's editor is colour-coordinated with the entire tone of the piece.  Magnificent.  Oh, my darlings--how my eyes itch to read these three first volumes (they will be follow'd by a fourth volume of Lovecraft's revisions and collaborations)!!  I was hoping that publication wou'd happen in November, but nigh it has been pushed up to January.
       From ye Hippocampus site at Facebook:  After much consideration, we decided to key the first three volumes to Lovecraft's "tripartite nature" quote.  So, the cover of the first volume embodies the strange and fantastic.  Volume 2 will represent abstract truth and scientific logick, volume 3 the ancient and the permanent.  All will be done in Fergal Fitzpatrick's very atmospheric style, tastefully rendered for this scholarly edition.
"I should describe mine own nature as tripartite, my interests consisting of three parallel and dissociated groups--(a) Love of the strange and the fantastic. (b) Love of the abstract truth and of scietific logic. (c) Love of the ancient and the permanent.  Sundry combinations of these strains will probably account for all my odd tastes and eccentricities."  --H. P. Lovecraft

Do you remember S. T. Joshi's old attitude concerning ye Cthulhu Mythos?
"I still don't know what would possess anyone to write a 'Cthulhu Mythos' story; surely there must be something better to do with one's time--like staring off into space?"  Ah, how delightfully people can change.  S. T. is now ye author of a Mythos novel, and has penned a new tale set in Innsmouth.  & this morning's poft hath brought this first volume of his new Mythos anthology, The Madness of Cthulhu.  The use of "Cthulhu" in ye book's title is because ye publisher, Titan Books, insists on including the name in such anthologies, to ye point where they have changed the original title of Black Wings to Black Wings of Cthulhu.  I regret that the name of Lovecraft's Great Old One is far more famous than HPL's own byline--but I am overjoy'd to see, on this cover, "H. P. Lovecraft" in large letters above ye book's title.  On ye back cover we have this: "Fourteen brand-new stories of the macabre, plus two rare works inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness.  With its terrifying account of a doomed scientific expedition, Lovecraft's masterpiece has influenced many of the finest authors in modern fiction.  Inspired by his dark mythos of cosmic abominations clawing at the edge of our reality, these writers have enthusiastically embrace. . ."  & it ends thus, abruptly, like some Mythos tale in which ye doomed victim writes to ye very end of narrative, and continues writing as he is being dragged to death by whatever monstrous thing hath been evoked.  THE MADNESS OF CTHULHU features new original tales by Heather Graham, Lois S. Gresh, Caitlin R. Kiernan, J. C. Hoch, Melanie Tem, K. M. Tonso, Harry Turtledove, Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., Michael Shea, John Shirley, William Browning Spencer, Jonathan Thomas, Donald Tyson; plus two long-lost classics of Lovecraftian weirdness by Arthur C, Clarke and Robert Silverberg.  With a Foreword by Jonathan Maberry and an Introduction by S. T. Joshi.

Dang, and I have just started reading A MOUNTAIN WALKED.  How odd, so much Mythos fiction to read, all in books edited by S. T.  And just this moment S. T. has sent me ye proofs for my next book from Hippocampus Press, MONSTROUS AFTERMATH, and I need to go over those and try and catch typos.  Ah, whut a busy writer's life!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

forthcoming CLARK ASHTON SMITH editions from CENTIPEDE PRESS

I asked Jerad about ye forthcoming CAS volumes he is working on.  Here they be:

Clark Ashton Smith
The Averoinge Stories
edited by Ron Hilger, Introduction by Gahan Wilson
art by David Ho
probably late 2015

Clark Ashton Smith art book
edited by Scott Connors
artwork, prose poems, and various memoirs
hopefully publish'd June 2015

Clark Ashton Smith
Masters of the Weird Tale
illustrated by a ton of people
perhaps an S. T. Joshi Introduction
early 2016

Clark Ashton Smith
The Library of Weird Fiction
Selected, edited and Introduction by S. T. Joshi
after ye Masters of the Weird Tale book is done

Jerad's newsletter this morning has this:

Most copies of A Mountain Walked have been shipped.  There are still a handful to go, but all should be sent out by Wednesday. . . . If you were on the waiting list for A Mountain Walked, you may be out of luck.  But I did some unsigned copies as well and there could be some of those still available.  I'll know more in a week or so.

That brings up one other point.  I'm thinking about doing a reprint of around 700 copies.  It would be the same book, but without the signature pages or the slipcase.  The retail would probably be $50.  Would anyone be interested in this?  Let me know your thoughts and we can go from there.  Thank you!

My feeling is that A Mountain Walked is such an important anthology of Cthulhu Mythos fiction, and such an amazing volume as published by Centipede Press, with all that awesome colour artwork &c, that a reprint volume sounds a very good idea indeed!!  If ye are interested in the reprint of A Mountain Walked let Jerad know via email at

Saturday, October 4, 2014

ENYA - May it be

The Lord of the Ring films have a very curious effect on me--watching them after a span of time is like returning to old friends, beloved friends, to a realm of beauty and wonder, darkness and light.  

my selected poetry