Sunday, July 31, 2016

In Collaboration with Genius

Another of ye wondrous illustrated prose-poems with art by Madam Talbot, who sign'd herself as Triangle-Slash. We did these as a series for our local rock 'n' roll rag, The Rocket, for which I also began to write cover stories about local scene freaks. Ye detail in Ashleigh's art is astounding, like that bed of thousands of maggots on which my figure reclines. I was thrill'd when one of my early Mythos stories, "Candlewax", appear'd fully illustrated in one of Ashleigh's hand-made books. There is nothing more thrilling than working on projects with outstanding artists 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

a wee prose-poem

"Lover" was one of ye several illustrated prose=poems that Triangle-Slash and I created for Seattle's music journal, The Rocket. This image above is from my fanzine, Punk Lust, in which I reprinted ye piece. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Kiss Me, O Muse

Above is The Kiss of the Muse by one of my favourite artists, Paul Cezanne. I am in need of that magick aesthetic kiss nigh, having been invited to work on numerous projects. One that really delights me is for an anthology of tales concerning Arkham Asylum. This was a revelation, as I always consider'd ye asylum to be in a large medical-type building--but I believe it is actually located in a mammoth antique mansion in Arkham. So although I am uncertain, I'm going with the mansion setting, as I think it will aid my Gothic imagination.

I am also preparing to work on a new book of Mythos fiction, and I am toying with ye idea of setting the tales in the Victorian era. But I know next to nothing about America in Victorian times; when I think of ye Victorian age, I think of Wilde and London and The Yellow Book. I know that I want my book to have a decidedly fin-de-siecle tone. And I wou'd want the book to have a Victorian "feel" as far as book production is concern'd. I will absolutely have at least two stories set in Victorian Sesqua Valley. Simon Gregory Williams, who enter'd mundane reality in ye 1870's, will be a featured character. 

I have also been ask'd to write an essay extolling ye merits of S. T. Joshi, and that will be gobs of fun--and easily written, I think.

I'm still waiting on a number of anthologies for which I've written tales, moft of which I thought were to be publish'd this year. The one thing I dislike about being a writer is that it can often be such a "waiting game"--waiting for ye Muse to kick yr arse, waiting for a response once ye story is submitted, waiting for ye pay-cheque once ye tale is accepted, waiting for ye anthology to be publish'd. That's why it's sometimes good to have lots of work finish'd or in production. 

Life has been pretty good of late. All my health concerns seem to have faded--I'm not feeling as tired as I have been for the past year, and my heart seems to be functioning well. Now and then I have ye occasional chest pain, but not too often. 

I hope ye summer is treating ye well, my ducks.