Wednesday, February 28, 2018

plotting a new wee tale

I'm beginning work on a new Mythos tales, and I wanted in it to pay tribute to one of my favourite character actors, Reggie Nalder (pictur'd above from a role in Boris Karloff's THRILLER. So I am playing with ye idea of basing one of my characters on Nalder's "performance aura" as I have seen it in Thriller and one or two films. 

It feels like I haven't worked on a piece of fiction for a long long time; so I am looking forward to penning this--although first I need to go to Office Depot and get a new large keyboard to attack to this laptop. I cannot compose on a small laptop keyboard because I feel all cramped and have to bend over too much. 

I've look'd though those of my old notebooks that I cou'd find, fo stoy ideas jotted down and such, but have found nothing to use fo this new project--so I am going to spend ye rest of the night rereading passages from Lovecraft and dreaming dark weird dreams.

My r key is sticking on this laptop keyboard--very annoying.


Sunday, February 25, 2018

And Now the Screaming Starts! (1973) Trailer

I recorded ye video above when my laptop was making a horrendous humming sound during ye recording of videos. My opinion of the film has risen since I recorded the video, and I now consider it a very good film indeed.
And Now the Screaming Starts is one of my favourite horror films, based on ye superb Gothic novel, FENGRIFFEN, by David Case. Mr Case pass'd away recently, & that inspir'd me to watch ye film again, and to do a search this morning on audio books read by David Case (who, although he was American, has a rather British sound to his performance voice). I fell in love with his voice when I borrow'd his reading of Richard Ellmann's biography of Oscar Wilde (Knopf 1988) from our public library, at ye beginning of my long deep adoration of Wilde that began after seeing him portray'd in a British telly series, LILLIE. I've never found a copy of that audio for sale; but just to-day I discover'd a reading by Mr Case of THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY on cassette tape, whut I have just order'd. I think I have two other unabridged readings of Wilde's novel somewhere in ye house. 

For me, FENGRIFFEN remains the perfect Gothic horror novel. I have for many years felt a desire to write a similar novel, inspired by FENGRIFFEN but set in Sesqua Valley. I feel I may yet compose such a volume. And dedicate it to ye memory of David Case.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Best of Black Wings

S. T. has pofted ye contents of ye forthcoming BEST OF BLACK WINGS paperback anthology. I am so pleas'd to have one of my better stories appear therein. Ye Contents be:

"Lesser Demons", by Norman Patridge
"Howling in the Dark", by Darrell Schweitzer
"Passing Spirits", by Sam Gafford
"When Death Wakes Me to Myself", by John Shirley
"The Abject", by Richard Gavin
"Dahlias", by Melanie Tem
"Bloom", by John Langan
"Thistle's Find", by Simon Strantzas
"Houdini Fish", by Jonathan Thomas
"Artifact", by Fred Chappell
"Cult of the Dead", by Lois H. Gresh
"The Dark Sea Within", by Jason V Brock
"Night of the Piper", by Ann K. Schwader
"The Woman in the Attic", by Robert H. Waugh
"The Walker in the Night", by Jason C. Eckhardt
"The Organ of Chaos", by Donald Tyson
"Voodoo", by Stephen Woodworth
"The Shard", by Don Webb
"To Move Beneath Autumnal Oaks," by W. H. Pugmire
"Lore", by Wade German

I am uncertain if Titan Books will bring forth an American edition; hopefully, they will. It is an honour to have my stories appear in this outstanding series.

 In ye video above, the fellow who narrates pronounces Miskatonic with ye first syllable sounding "Meeskatonic," long e sound. I have always pronounc'd ye first syllable as rhyming with "mist". Discuss.  

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ligotti on Vinyl

Forthcoming from Cadabra Records is this spoken-word performance of The Bungalow House, read by Jon Padgett, with musical score by Chris Bozzone. Ye record is no longer up for pre-order and general sales will begin in April. 
Package Includes:
150 gram vinyl--blue and black swirl;
deluxe heavy weight tip-on gatefold jacket;
12-page booklet with new essay;liner notes by author Matt Cardin, & new interview with Thomas Ligotti;
18" x 24" promotional poster;
newly commissioned art by Jason Barnett.

Friday, February 2, 2018


Above is Camille Alquier's jacket illustration for my soon-to-be-publish'd hardcover collection from Centipede press, An Ecstasy of Fear and Others. This jacket art shews one of ye major themes in my weird fiction--ye seductive beguilement of horror. I think this kind of emotive response to nameless horror in my work was inspir'd by H. P. Lovecraft's "The Shadow Over Innsmouth," where at ye story's conclusion the narrator not only accepts but seems to revel in ye revelation of his true nature. I, for one, celebrate my Outsider nature. 
     There is not yet any definitive release date for my new book, which is actually one of two new titles from mine pen to see publication this year (the other being the supernatural novel I co-author'd with David Barker, Witches in Dreamland, to be publish'd by Hippocampus Press). It feels like it's been forever since I've had a new book out, so I look forward to holding these new ones in mine antient paw. 
     I am still--unhappily--unable to concentrate on ye creation of new fiction. My mind is a void of ideas & imagery. However, I suspect that once the newer books have seen print I'll suddenly feel ye urge to write new tales--that's usually the way it works with me. I'm at that point where I feel I have made a solid if slight contribution to ye genre. My goal of wanting to be recognis'd as an author of Lovecraftian horror is now fully realised. When I was young my ego ached to be "known" as a writer; and this is something that young writers are often impatient with, wanting ye "fame" of being an author before actually doing the work. I had one goal--to be known as a Lovecraftian writer, to be wed artistically to H. P. Lovecraft to an almoft audacious degree. I think I'm there.
     My cd/cassette player died, so I order'd a new inexpensive one, knowing that one takes a chance in ordering such things online. My new player ain't fancy and looks rather "cheaply" made; but it is so nice to be able to play my Streisand and Barry Manilow and RuPaul cds in ye living room. So excuse me now as I go to listen to ye soundtrack of The Beautician and the Beast.