Tuesday, May 27, 2014

preparing to review this on Amazon

I once own'd this wee book, years ago, but had to sell it during a period of unemployment & hunger.  I don't have either of its two tales, "The Doll" or "The Trod," in any of my Blackwood collections.  It has one review on Amazon, a two-star review dismissing Blackwood because he ain't M. R. James.  Such a "review" annoys me, so I will reread ye book to-day and write a positive review on Amazon to-night.  

Monday, May 26, 2014

H. P. LOVECRAFT, ESQ. (+playlist)

I am extremely impress'd with ye tome thus far.  Leslie S. Klinger is an outstanding editor, a skill'd professional of ye highest order.  For example, in Note 8 of his 53-page Foreword we have this:

    Writing to Elizabeth Toldridge on March 15, 1929, he despaired of ever finding his own voice: "There are my 'Poe' pieces & my 'Dunsany' pieces--but alas--where are any Lovecraft pieces!"  (This passage was mistakenly quoted as "my 'Lovecraft' pieces" in the original edition of Selected Letters, II, 315).

It is also misquoted as such in S. T.'s I Am Providence (page 241) and An H. P. Lovecraft Encyclopedia (page 207).  Now this may seem a very minor detail; but it is good to have the precise quote, and to my knowledge, Les is the only of Lovecraft's editors to have noticed this.

I want to discuss more details of the Notes, but this arc is not the finish'd book and should not, really, be quoted from.  I am making extensive notes of my own as I read the tome, and I will incorporate those when I write my Amazon review in October.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ye New Annotated E'ch-Pi-El

When I chatted with Les Klinger as I was waiting for my ride home from WHC, he spoke of his forthcoming (October 13th) edition of Lovecraft's weird fiction, and he went into raptures, almoft to the point of giggling with glee, when describing the book's cover with its multitude of tentacles.  "And these will be embossed," he emphasized.  I had to fight ye urge to sneer--for I am an anti-tentacle bloke, & I hate ye fact that Lovecraft's art is so associated with these things.  I mean, what of his monsters actually had tentacles?  Wilbur and his brother, yes; certainly not Yog-Sothoth, and Cthulhu wears a modicum of them as beard.  Well, perhaps this cover will appeal to wou'd-be buyers of the book as it does not appeal to me.

I loved the three volumes of Klinger's THE NEW ANNOTATED SHERLOCK HOLMES, and did not mind at all his playful approach of treating the stories as factual records.  Some have express'd a great dislike for that approach and fear that it will be repeated with the Lovecraft book.  They are correct.

"I do expect that my approach is likely to play the Sherlockian 'game' with Lovecraft's stories, which may not please everyone.  The 'game' is to adopt the gentle fiction that Lovecraft was recording the truth in his stories, that these are historical documents and therefore it is my job to verify or correct the historical details.  For example, where is Arkham?  Kingsport?  What can we state factually about the Miskatonic River or Miskatonic University?  What evidence is there of the case of Charles Dexter Ward?  I hope that this approach will make the book original, enjoyable, but wholly accurate--I never make up any facts."

I confess I do not see the appeal to this approach from a critical point of view; but it is, in a strange way, completely Lovecraftian--for Lovecraft was himself very playful, & he suggested more than once that writing weird fiction should be approach'd as though one were producing a supreme hoax.  

I am attending, this coming week-end, S. T. Joshi Memorial Day Cook-Out, & I will be borrowing his galley of The New Annotated H. P. Lovecraft, so I'll be able to fully examine it.  I will also be displaying the galley in detail on a vlog at YouTube, so that y'all may examine the book with me and marvel at its design, its hundreds of illustrations, &c &c.  I really am quite excited about this tome, as I think it will be, as intended, an original, charming, informative and incredibly handsome new edition, and will serve to further establish H. P. Lovecraft's firm standing as a Classic of American Literature.  Selah.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014

In Remembrance Edgar A Poe

I love how Julia reads my work!  This is such a fine recording.

And speaking of Poe!!!

Victoria Price, the daughter of actor Vincent Price, was a guest this past week-end at WHC.  I stopped by her table in the dealer's room to tell her how much I loved her father's films, and she asked if she could take my photo.  I picked up one of the items she was selling to pose with, I believe it's the blue-ray collection of her dad's Poe films.  I can't BELIEVE I forgot to ask about her father's stage portrayal of Oscar Wilde, and if it had ever been recorded!!!
Vincent Price on stage as Oscar Wilde

I had a great time at the convention, especially hanging out with my co-author DAVID BARKER, with whom I wrote my newest book, THE REVENANT OF REBECCA PASCAL.  Our wee book made its debut at the convention, and sold rather well, especially the limited edition hardcover.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

oy, I am so antient

The above image is so wonderful I had to share it.  Thank ye, Andrea Bonazzi!

Gawd, 63 years old.  It's beginning to feel weird, being so antique.  I never expected to live this long, thought I'd kick-off from a heart attack or some such thing years ago.  I have many things to live for, this wonderful house left by my parents, where I am able to live with a most handsome companion and lots of cat chums.  But moftly what I am thankful for on this birthday is my life as a professional Lovecraftian writer, and my fabulous fans.  I have the coolest readers ever, they are so loyal and loving, and they make me feel that I haven't been wasting my life, that I have added some happiness to this sad world, that I have added my own voice to the weird genre.

I am more obsess'd than ever about writing Lovecraftian weird fiction.  People don't understand when I say things like, "I want to be known as a Lovecraftian writer, I want that to be my entire identity."  I say that with deep-felt sincerity.  I love this life as an obsess'd Lovecraftian.  Writing Lovecraftian weird fiction has given me my keenest joy.  H. P. Lovecraft's fiction bewitches me more and more with each passing year, and this obsession of mine will live eternal, until I slide into whatever world awaits us beyond the wall of sleep.

I love you all.  You are the sweetest birthday present an old queen cou'd ever have.  Kisses, my darlings.