Saturday, September 26, 2015


Now that I have completed work on my 2nd volume of weird fiction for Centipede Press, I am suddenly in ye mood to begin work immediately on one long-delay'd project--a book of prose & poetry all of which is inspir'd by ye Works of Clark Ashton Smith. Instead of writing the book entirely by myself, I will be writing 40,000/50,000 words of it, and ye remainder will be the work of my sweet chum, Henry J. Vester III. I now have ye crazy idea that I want to spend the rest of this year writing my portion of the book--surely I can write 50,000 words of fiction in three months' time. One beautiful aspect of this project is that, to help me along with inspiration, I get to now drown myself in ye rereading of Smith's fiction. I am beginning this by reading CAS in his Arkham House editions. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

new Centipede Press book completed

It took me forever, but I have finally finish'd writing the final new story for my forthcoming book from Centipede Press. The story is call'd "Pickman's Lazarus", and comes to 4,660 words. Yes, I did hesitate before writing yet another story inspir'd by "Pickman's Model"; but I know that when an idea becomes so firmly planted inside my skull, it is useless to resist, & ye idea will plague me mentally until I exorcise it from my brain by writing it in fictional form. The story is in two parts: the first is set in ye past, and is told in third-person; ye second part is set in modern time, and told in first-person narrative. I sent it to the book's editor, S. T. Joshi, this morning, and he called it an "excellent story", so that pleases me and makes me feel that I ain't tediously draining my Pickmanesque inspiration.

I have no idea when Jerad will bring ye book out, but I suspect it will be some time in 2018. Here is ye entire Contents:


by W. H. Pugmire ~~ Centipede Press
"Underneath an Arkham Moon" (in collaboration with Jessica Amanda Salmonson)
"These Black Winged Ones"
"Gathered Dust"
"An Ecstasy of Fear"
"Let Us Wash This Thing"
"Letters from an Old Gent"
"The Imps of Innsmouth"
"Smooth Artifact of Bone"
"Some Unknown Gulf of Night"
"An Identity in Dream"
"Hempen Rope"
"Chamber of Dreams"
"Unhallowed Places"
"House of Legend"
"A Shadow of Your Own Design"
"To See Beyond"
"A Quest of Dream"
"Pickman's Lazarus"

I am also hoping to persuade S. T. to write some kind of introduction, perhaps entitled "Some Words from ye Editor" or some such. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

not going after all

Ghostboy will be journeying to California on ye week-end of the HPL film festival, and so I will need to stay home and take care of our six kitties and one doggie. But that's okay; indeed, I really wasn't in the mood to go to Portland, but felt I shou'd. Now that I know I won't be going, I feel a kind of relief. I'm just not in ye social mood of late.

The one social "need" I feel is to hang out with other queens, to check out the Seattle drag culture; but going to bars really bores me, as I don't drink or drug; and I have a feeling our local scene, at least on ye hill, is pervaded by crack. No thanx. So I get my drag fix by watching videos on YouTube. Here's my new favourite.

Friday, September 4, 2015

slow progress

Progress has been slow on finishing ye new story, "Pickman's Lazarus", because of ye new addition to ye household, pictur'd above. My elder sister came to stay for four days and brought with her two five-week old kittens, male and female, of which I was to pick one to adopt. I couldn't decide and so I have adopted both. Ysobel (with grey ears) and her wee brother Basil are quite delightful; but they insist of being around me, & when I come to my work table to begin work on writing ye new story, these wee kittens insist on climbing allover me, & then they discover how nice and warm ye laptop keyboard is, so they camp out on it, and the pressure of their little paws on ye laptop keyboard creates textual havoc to my story. I cou'd move my laptop to ye bedroom and lock ye door, but this afternoon the cats were sleeping in a spot of sunlight, and I took advantage of their nap to do some real work on the first portion of my story (set in ye past, in Boston around 1925) whut is now, at almoft 2,000 words, near completion. Part II will be set in ye present. I am writing this new story as ye final tale for my already-compiled next book for Centipede Press, An Ecstasy of Fear and Others--although if S. T. really likes it he may want to snap it up for use in Black Wings VI...maybe...