Friday, July 11, 2014

Adore Delano - I Adore U (Official)

This is a recording artist I discover'd this morning on YouTube. His name is Danny Noriega, and his drag persona i Adore Delano.  Immensely talented and way rad cool.  The song writing is excellent and the voice is awesome.  "I Adore U" took my breath away with its beauty.

Alyssa Edwards: Drop Dead Gorgeous

Monday, July 7, 2014

Lovecraft Creeps into Masterpiece Theatre

So I was watching Masterpiece Theatre last night, an episode of Endeavor entitled "Nocturne."  Had some eerie Gothic touches, so it did.  Then at one point there is mention of "an odd couple" visiting England from some place called "Kingsport, Massachusetts."  Oh, honey, my Lovecraftian antenna tingled with eldritch alertness.  So I found a description of the episode online that listed full cast and characters -- and the bloke visiting from Kingsport is named "Nahum Gardiner"!!!  Blimey!  H. P. Lovecraft is creeping into everything!