Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Re: Lovecraft Film Fest 2007 Promo

St. John Ervine's OSCAR WILDE

This is an amusing old video, methinks, in which I brood a wee bit about an overtly-religious fellow's bad attitude toward Oscar Wilde. I have an opposite opinion, feeling that Wilde's sexuality was one of his greatest assets--but then I may think that cos I love being queer meself. The sin of Wilde, for me, was the way he treated his beautiful, loving wife. To see the effect of Wilde's behavior on his children, we have an excellent book by his youngest son, Vyvyan Holland:
I used to borrow this book over again & again from ye library. I always regretted that my own father was not a man who read many books, except for books by leaders of the Mormon Church. In many ways, my dad was a very good father; but we were so different from each other that I spent my childhood avoiding him. Oscar Wilde was, in many ways, a father that a son could not avoid, although during the "Bosie years" he became very distant from his family.

I became enchanted with Oscar Wilde when I saw him portrayed in the 1978 television series. Lillie. where she was portray'd by Francesca Annis. Peter Egan's portrayal of Wilde in that series fascinated me, and as a result I found every biography of Wilde that I could get my hands on in the library. I found that some local shops sold green carnations for St. Paddy's Day, and thus I bought a few and safety-pinned them to my Oscar Wilde jacket. Wilde has influenced my writer's prose style more than anyone else, I think.

I love the video from LILLIE below--except for ye bloody awful pop song that infiltrates its...

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Eldritch Kickstarter

Oh, my darlings, I am getting SO excited about S. T.'s new anthology forthcoming from Dark Regions Press! Really great Mythos anthologies are a rare thing, and this is one of ye greatest. And now I have learned that my story, "Pickman's Lazuarus" (a story I consider one of my very finest) will have a new illustration created for it if the Kickstarter campaign reaches its first stretch goal by this Friday (May 19th) night. That has me quivering--for one thing I adore is to see my own weird fiction illustrated. It's a strange thing, but an artist's illustration can bring out an aspect of my own tale that I never fully realized mentally, imaginatively.

To support ye kickstarter, go to

I mean Ia fhtagn!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Say Whut?

Been sitting here this morning trying to think of a new story beginning, and I found myself muttering, "I just don't know where to begin. I have nothing to say." And that made me smile queerly and laugh a little. I've rarely, to my memory, thought of myself as a writer "with a message"--I have no special wisdom to impart. I see myself as a story-teller, and if my work has any kind of theme it is that of being an Outsider. Sesqua Valley itself, over ye years, has come to represent ye Outsider motif--something or someone who exist outside of normality. "Normality" is a curious idea as far as human mentality is concerned. I suppose, for me, it means those who never have to stop and think about their place in society, because they fit so snugly in ye system. Yet that seems too simple a concept, and people who seem to "fit in" may indeed be monsters, murderers or rapists. 

For me, being an Outsider came from being a gay child; and I didn't know I was a freak until society pointed it out and punish'd me for it. I liked playing with dolls as a kid, and I wou'd innocently carry one of my sister's small dolls in my pants or jacket pocket when I went to grade school. Instead of being told directly that I was weird, grownups would pull me aside and ask things like, "Why do you do that?" or "Why are you like that?" Being sexually ignorant and innocent, I had no idea what "that" was; I knew only that I was bullied for "being a girl." My father punished me once by pushing me into the bathroom and forcing me toi bathe one of my sister's dolls in the sink. This didn't stop me from playing with dolls, it just made me more secretive in doing so. I'm surprised that dolls don't figure more in my weird fiction. 

So I'm gonna stop trying to think of story ideas and go back to my armchair and read. Later, when it begins to warm up, I'll go outside and do a wee bit of yard work. Or maybe I'll really shock myself and begin writing a new wee thing! Perhaps if I watch a video of when I was in a writing mood it may inspire me! Usually, these days, watching my videos just makes me happy that I am no longer able to record yem on YouTube. I behave like such a goon...

Friday, May 5, 2017

Thank ye, Graeme

My buddy Graeme Phillips has been publishing some of my older work in chapbook form as his contribution to the Lovecraftian apa, Esoteric Order of Dagon. He is now going to include ye above poem illustrated by Jeffrey Thomas--but neither Jeff nor I can now remember in whut small press journal it was publish'd! He plans on a print run of just 50 copies, thirty of which need to go to ye EOD; so there will be few to spare, but if he has any extras left over he wou'd like to sell them for five or ten quid @. His email is www.cyaegha@live.co.uk
This new booklet will be entitled Antient Dreams--and he be ye Contents:
"The Publishers From Beneath" (unpublished; written for The Eldritch Fantaisiste)
"Calling to the Hills" (Midnight Shambler 1, Feby 1988)
"Crimson and Clown White" (Version 1--Astral Dimensions 6, August 1977)
"Crimson and Clown White" (Version 2, Imelod 18, October 2001)
"Darkness in an Antient Town" (Imelod Volume 5, issue 17, Autumn/October 2000)
"The Face that Screams" (The Pnakotic Series 1, October 1995)
"Fetch" (Sozoryoku 5, March 1992)
"Her Ghost on Glass" (Fantasy & Terror 12, 1989)
"The Isolated Dead" (Sozoryoku 2, June 1991)
"Mephistopheles" (Scorpia 7, October 1972)
"The Mythos Planet" (Charnel Glyphs #7, February 1979)
"The Seashell" (Version 1, Scorpia 7, October 1972)
"The Spectre of Romance" (Lore 4, Spring 1996)
"Whispering Wires" (Space & Time 20, September 1973 
"The Winds Awaken" (Imelod 18, October 2001)
"Blocked" (publisher unknown)
"Deep Mysteries" (Myrddin 2, August 1975)
"The Grin of Death" (Inner Circle 2, 1976)
"Kurt" (The End 3, 1995)
"Martian Dreams" (Beneath Twin Moons, Running Dinosaur Press, 1980)
"My Worms" (Inner Circle 1. 1976)
"November Lust" (with Chad Hensley, Rouge et Noir 3, Fall 1992)
"A Song of Ghastly Joy" (Deathrealm 12, Summer 1990)
"The Succubus Kiss" (The End 5, April 1997)
"Upon a Lonely Hill" (as by "Brant Lundley, a fictional character I based on Brian Lumley!! Ia!!), Visions of Khroyd'hon, Summer 1776)
"Wail" (The End 2, 1994)
"Wild Shoggoths" (cannot recall if it was ever publish'd, written for Bleak December)

Dang! That's a lot of old stuff. I shall have to pinch me nostrils as I peruse it, methinks. I mean, some of it ain't stellar. The opening lines of "My Worms," for example, go something like
"I like worms, indeed I do.
I like them fat, with lots to chew."

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New Life for Old Words

"Our very dress makes us grotesques. We are the zanies of sorrow. We are clowns whose hearts are broken."
--Oscar Wilde, De Profundis

Some time ago, in 2015, I read over ye manuscript of whut I have often consider'd my finest story--"The Zanies of Sorrow"--and grew alarm'd at whut I consider'd several weaknesses in ye text. Although I had no plan to offer a new version of ye tale to any publisher, I wrote a complete and thorough revision--so thorough that it was in many ways a "new" story. As usual, I sent ye doc to S. T. Joshi, and he so liked it that he felt this new version shou'd indeed be publish'd; & so we submitted it to an editor for a journal he was planning to create, where my tale found acceptance. Well, many small press journals that are plotted do not in ye end materialize, & ye editor/publisher of this new thing has lost interest in bringing it forth. Happily, S. T. is editing a new anthology to be entitled Apostles of the Weird--& he has express'd interest in publishing my tale therein. I am delighted, for nothing pleases me more than having my work appear in a Joshi book. I had hoped to write a new story for the book, but writing is increasingly difficult and I was beginning to fret that I wouldn't have something to offer. Now I need not worry.

Other than that, nothing is going on. I live a quiet life. spending moft of my time here before ye keyboard, answering emails and being goofy on Facebook, or in my armchair, reading and writing and watching Rachel Maddow. As ye can see from ye photo, Rachel is not only a gay
sister--she is a book-lover like me! She also writes book, as I do. 

Now that I have several stories pending appearances in various anthologies, I feel it is time to try and work on, maybe, a new collection, probably one that lacks a theme. There is still a part of me that wants to write a book of stories that are influenced by the fiction of Clark Ashton Smith--but it troubles me that I never seem able to sit down and begin writing such a collection. My plans to collaborate with Jeffrey Thomas on an Enoch Coffin novel have extinguish'd, although I still feel a faint ache to write some of those stories anyway--although I doubt I cou'd do an entire book of such. I'd like to try writing some stories of real length--even though my talent for doing so is faint and such stories are never my best work. 

In ye meantime, I can sit back and relax and enjoy ye publication of stories that will appear this year or early next. Loving publication as I do, that is always something I look forward to.

wishing ye my love,