Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Jerad and I are putting the finishing touches on the omnibus of my best weird fiction, THE TANGLED MUSE. The book will be an extremely limited edition of 150 copies and it is going to look wonderful, we've chosen some great artwork, black and white and color. I believe the book will be available in October, and will be signed by S. T. Joshi and myself.

I am working slowly yet steadily on the next two books, BEAUTIFUL GROTESQUE for Hippocampus Press and THE STRANGE DARK ONE AND OTHERS for Mythos Books. Then I want to take a break from short story collections and fully concentrate on THE FABULOUS DARKNESS--A NOVEL OF RICHARD UPTON PICKMAN that I am trying to write. Writing a novel is such a lot of work and I don't know if I have what it takes--if I have the kind of imagination that can craft a full novel. The few other times I have tried to write one, I discovered that I was trying to turn a short story idea into a work of 60,000 words, and that simply does not work. A novel is a beast of its own unique nature.

Best wishes to all.

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