Saturday, August 7, 2010

Computer Weirdness

Something weird is going on with ye computer. It's affecting my email, which I cannot access. My adobe plugin has crashed so I cannot do videos at YouTube. I think I must have accidentally downloaded something called Security Tool and it is telling me that all of these things are trying to get my credit card info, that I have 26 worms or some such thing. I think this Security Tool is a scam and I cannot figure out how to rid my computer of it. I can still come here, I can still access Facebook, so I can still communicate with y'all, but I have no idea when I'll be able to have my email running again. That's not a real bummer cos I don't need email except for sending my new book to S. T. Joshi, my editor at Hippocampus Press. So I may just do without email for a few months unless some buddy who understands computer hoodoo can come figure this thing out. Nor can I remember where I put my main computer disc with which I cured my laptop of one major virus that completely killed my laptop. I thought I had it down here, but I've just rearranged my books and may have moved the milk-crate "shelf" where I placed the disc.

The H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival is almost here! Well, two months away, I guess, but it feels real close. How I look forward to it! I feel an intense need to surround myself with Lovecraftians and discuss HPL, the Mythos, writing weird fiction, &c. Oh, my friends, I need it bad...


  1. Sorry, I am nearly a computer illiterate and cannot help you.

    If you didn't get my last e-mail-Thanks again for all your help-I truly appreciate it and I was hoping you could tell me how you came up with the name Sesqua and orgins thereof.

  2. It seems my hard drive has been totally infected, so why I can still come here I don't know. I cannot open any documents and fear that I have lost all of my writing--but I sent most if not all of it to my friend Greg so hopefully we can get it back. I've probably lost all of the music I've downloaded from Amazon MP3 but on well. I think I am just gonna stay offline until I get this fixed or can afford a new laptop. Hopefully I can still write using Microsoft word, if not I'll just take an extended vacation from writing -- hell, I've got two book ready for publication, one of which will see print next month, so I don't need to rush to finish another book. I did get your email, David, and I'm glad my critique of your story helped in some wee way.

  3. .

    Ugh. I wish I knew how to help. The one thing I can say is that Staples and either Office Depot or Max do a free harddrive cleanup that might solve your problem. I haven't taken them up on their offer myself, but then, I haven't been hit with something as ugly as what's got you.

    Good luck.