Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy 120th Birthday, E'ch-Pi-El

I am spending to-day lost in Lovecraft, studying his weird fiction and ye entries in his Commonplace Book as I add an additional 10,000 words to my prose-poem/vignette sequence, "Uncommon Places." Each entry of the work is inspir'd by one or several entries in Lovecraft's Commonplace Book. I wrote the first 10,000 word version of the work for the revised/expanded edition of Dreams of Lovecraftian Horror for Mythos Books. When it become apparent that I needed to add wordage to The Tangled Muse (to be publish'd next month by Centipede Press!), I added an additional 5,000 words to ye sequence. I am calling my next collection from Hippocampus Press Uncommon Places, and thus I have decided to add yet another 10,000 words to the work, bringing it up to 25,000 words.

For the first of the new segments, I am using the following sections from HPL's Commonplace Book:
[52] Calling on dead -- voice or familiar sound in adjacent room
[53] Hand of dead man writes
[54] Transportation of identity

I am also incorporating Lovecraft's letter of November 16, 1916 to Rheinhart Kleiner, found of page 3 of Dreams and Fancies, which begins, "In January, 1896, the death of my grandmother plunged the household into a gloom from which it never fully recovered." I want to make these additional 10,000 words of prose poems and vignettes extremely Lovecraftian, and this demands that I submerge into Lovecraft's world by pouring over his fiction, his poetry, his letters, his biography. It's wonderful to be doing this on HPL's birthday!

Can't remember if I mention'd that I finish'd, after three decades of trying, my wee semi-sequel to Robert Bloch's "The Skull of the Marques de Sade," having finally written it as a Cthulhu Mythos tale for ye anthology Dead But Dreaming II, to be publish'd by Miskatonic River Press. I wasn't certain if the story was much good, but the publisher seems to have enjoy'd it, for he has just asked me to write a new collection of Cthulhu Mythos tales for the press. I will begin work on that new book next year, and I plan to set the stories in Lovecraft Country, writing new tales of Kingsport, Arkham, and perhaps my first tale set in Innsmouth. My very useful tools in the writing of this new book will be the gaming manuals published by Chaosium, with their wonderful maps and atmospheric studies of Lovecraftian localities.

Also next year I plan to finally work on writing my first novel, in collaboration with ye magnificent Maryanne K. Snyder. Mare and I have spent the last couple of years collaborating on lengthy weird tales, the first of which, "House of Idiot Children," was publish'd as lead story in an issue of Weird Tales.

Okay, my ducks -- back to work!

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