Monday, September 20, 2010


That's a great lineup, and  I'm getting very excited about this.  I'll be sharing a motel room with Jerad of Centipede Press, and he is bringing lots of book!  How tempting it will be to me wallet, sleeping in a room filled with Centipede Press books!  He hopes to have the Frank Belknap Long Masters of the Weird Tale omnibus there.  Alas, my own Centipede Press book won't be ready in time for ye HPLFF, but I'll be doing a reading from it.  Hope to see many of ye there!


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    I don't think I could ever attend this. I would get selfconcsious everytime I tried to say Cthulhucon.

  2. Honey, saying it incorrectly is safe==you need only fear if you pronounce it as it should be utter'd.