Sunday, October 10, 2010

YE TANGLED MUSE nigh available for pre-order!

 THE TANGLED MUSE will be delayed so that we may incorporate some wonderful original art by the Swiss artist, Gwabryel.  Great Yuggoth, he is such a fantastic artist!  He will be illustrating my prose poem sequences in memory of Oscar Wilde and Edgar Poe, and he has a strange illustration for "The Zanies of Sorrow," a story that I consider one of my most original.  So, it will be worth the wait!  Gwabryel has worked often with Jerad, and samples of his artwork may be seen on ye Centipede Press website.  He has some really eerie work in that fabulous H. P. Lovecraft art book that Jerad publish'd a couple years ago.  I am ecstatic about this fellow's artwork, it is so original, so unique, and it absolutely compliments the decadent "feel" of my book!  Hooray!