Monday, November 22, 2010


How I love ye Fungi from Yuggoth -- and, Great Yuggoth, how it hath inspir'd me!  The writing of my new book has been a magical experience.  I have never -- nevah nevah evah! -- felt this inspir'd or had a work spill so easily from that warped realm called me brain.  I am now at 25,200 words as I work, unexpectedly, on the vignette inspir'd by Sonnet XXXVII--"The Elder Pharos."

I say "unexpectedly" because I have just been invited to write a wee weird tale for an anthology that will be publish'd by a House that I have ached to write for since the early 1970's, & to be invited to finally pen a Lovecraftian weird tale for them has me so excited I have trouble sleeping.  I'm so far along with SOME UNKNOWN GULF OF NIGHT that I thought I could now cease work on it for a while and plunge into the writing of this new 5,000 word weird tale, "This Weave of Dreaming." -- in which I will have aspects of "Nyarlathotep" and "Medusa's Coil," although the tale will not to be sequel or any such thing to anything Lovecraft wrote.  But then in to-day's post there arriv'd a new disc of Will Hart's reading of ye Fungi from Yuggoth in an MP4 File that actually shews the text (in Lovecraft's handwriting!) as the audio reads each sonnet.  And Will's readings are so wonderful that it put me into the mood to not stop work on Gulf, so to-night I have begun segment XXVII.  I will work on both the new book and the story for this fabulous editor who has invited me to write for a book I cannot yet discuss as much as I want to proclaim it to ye Woild, and I hope to have a nice polish of the new story finish'd by end of month.

I've entered a delicious era in my life as a Lovecraftian author.  The circumstances are not wonderful -- I had to move in with mom because she has grown too crippled and eccentric to live alone -- but it, and another aspect that is the awesome miracle of my life, has made it possible for me to write full time.  It's flipping awesome!  And I've reached this phase of, I guess I have to call it "professionalism," where I am now able to do the projects that I have in mind, instead of merely dream about them.  I told myself I want to write a prose-poem/vignette sequence of 35,000/40,000 words inspir'd by Fungi from Yuggoth and have it mostly completed in two months' time.  Now, three years ago, if you had told me I'd be able to accomplish such a feat, I would have laughed my ass off.  But now I think it's actually going to happen.  Writing has become much easier now that I am doing everything on Microsoft Word, including rough drafts which I then print out and read from as I type ye polish drafts.  Indeed, it is now impossible for me to work on a rough draft with pen and pad, as I always used to do.  I need to do it all on keyboard.

Okay, must put Mother to bed, turn up the heat (it's been snowing all day) and return to work.  Hope y'all who celebrate Thanksgiving have a nice day.  We order'd ye Holiday Turkey meal from Safeway, and my prayer is that all the snow is gone when I go to pick the food up on Wednesday cos I have never driven in snow & the idea of doing so has me fairly terrify'd!


  1. I can make an educated guess regarding the publisher, and all I can say is
    Whohoooooooooooooo!!! Congratulations!! :)

  2. The story is coming along too slowly because I was approaching it wrong, and ye title has been alter'd to "This Weave of Witchery" -- since it takes place in Arkham and concerns a new invention, the Hag Pond, where some few witches were drowned after conviction during ye hysteria. The tale will be told by a wee lad who has a wooden leg made of a tree that grew on cursed ground, a leg on which weird signals shall be carved. I hope to have ye rough completed by end of week.

  3. Congratulations on being invited into the House...