Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Miskatonic Books and Blog

Larry Roberts, of Bloodletting Press and Arcane Wisdom, is a devoted Lovecraftian and now has opened a new bookstore at Horror Mall:    By clicking on the title of this blog entry you will be taken to Larry's new Miskatonic Books blog.

I am really really excited about Larry's forthcoming publication of my new book, my charmed book as I call it.  His books are so beautifully designed and produced, and this adds to the joy of being published.  Book-making is an art, and I love my books to be as artful and gorgeous as possible.  Although the main edition of Some Unknown Gulf of Night will be a paper-bound chapbook, there will be a limited hardcover edition of 100 copies.

I am now working on the next two books, one for Miskatonic River Press (a book that I have tentatively titled Gathered Dust and Others) and a book I am writing with Maryanne K. Snyder.  The book that I am writing for MRP will be a traditional and yet very strange collection of Cthulhu Mythos fiction.  The tone of the book has been highly influenced by the wondrous artwork of Santiago Caruso, who will be illustrating my book.  The book I am writing with Maryanne will be a 100,000 word collection of weird fiction, prose-poems and verse all of which will be inspired by the works on Clark Ashton Smith.  I am determined that this book will have a first edition hardcover, and Jerad of Centipede Press has expressed a tentative interest in publishing it!

So I have an entire year of work ahead of me, lots and lots of writing.  One of the aspects of gathering at MythosCon was to realise that the world of Lovecraftian publications and Mythos writing is quite alive and thriving.  We have much to look forward to!

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  1. Nothing quite like a beautiful book. I want one of those hardcovers for 'Some Unknown Gulf of Night'