Saturday, February 19, 2011

Isn't that a great illustration?  Just staring at it makes me want to take up my pen (or, as in these days, my keyboard) and write Lovecraftian horror.  Been having problems writing of late -- I've lost much of the energy I found in the last half of last year.  I don't mind slowing down.  Maybe it will be that I write only one book this year.  No matter -- the year will be deliciously Lovecraftian.  Whenever I cannot write, I return to Lovecraft, & gawd what a wealth there is to return to nigh.  Not only HPL's fiction, but Lovecraft studies, as found in Nyctalops, Lovecraft Studies, Crypt of Cthulhu -- and various books.  The finest (i.e. my favorite) Lovecraft scholar is Robert H. Waugh, who is soon to have a second volume of his amazing & magnificent Lovecraft scholarship publish'd by Hippocampus Press.

I wish that S. T. Joshi would write an entire book concerning Lovecraft's tales.  The expanded edition of his Lovecraft biography, I Am Providence, comes close, containing much that is fascinating concerning the history of Lovecraft's fiction.  At the moment S. T. is busy writing his own novel concerning the young H. P. Lovecraft, & has announced progress of it in his current blog.  It has often been my wish to write my own story-by-story commentary on the fiction of H. P. Lovecraft -- but I am not a scholar and my talents as a literary critic are weak.  However, I have found this desire to have inspired my current slew of vlogs on my MrWilum channel over on YouTube, & I have started a series of commentaries on Lovecraft's individual tales that is proving fun to record, although they add nothing new to Lovecraft studies.  I'm hoping they will help introduce some of my many viewers to Lovecraft's fiction.  I've printed out the chronology of Lovecraft's tales that may be found on the exception site, The H. P. Lovecraft Archive  -- the creation of Donovan K. Loucks.  The list mentions the revisions that Lovecraft worked on as well as his solo stories, and so I can comment on the revisions as well, working mostly in chronological order.

I am so ready to have a new book out I can't tell you!  I hope I don't have to wait much longer.  That's such an important part of the writing ritual for me -- to hold my newest book in my sweaty little paw.  I love it.

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