Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Inspiration

Some of you may have seen the first issue of a new free ezine devoted to Lovecraft and Lovecraftian fiction.  The first issue is absolutely superb.  I've been doing a series of video commentaries on Lovecraft's Tales on my YouTube channel (which, to my utter amazement, is creeping close to having had 22,000 visits!!  Holy Moly!!), and it has proved so interesting and so much fun that it has given me a yen to begin a new sequence of wee vignettes, each of which is inspir'd by a certain Lovecraft weird tale and is my personal "take" on that tale.  It wou'd be a kind of Some Unknown Gulf of Night, but culling its inspiration from HPL's fictive oeuvre.  I need something to get my fictive juices flowing again -- haven't written much of anything all month except the 2,000 words of a new collaboration with a very gifted young writer, Jacob Henry Orloff.  I have long been dubious of having fiction publish'd in electric form -- but that prejudice was shattered when, on our way to MythosCon, my patrons shew'd me their new Kindle book thingies -- & I must say I was impress'd.  It has been a kind of horrific vision for me of the future -- a time when books will fade away, replaced by electric gadgets with illuminated screens.  I now see it as rather a cool alternative to books.  I prefer to be published in book form.  My gawd, there is nothing more wondrous, as an author, than holding your book in hand, feeling its weight, smelling the pages and ink, seeing your work on good paper.  It's awesome!  However, as a Lovecraftian, I want to reach those who love Lovecraft's weird fiction and those other writers who pay homage to Lovecraft with their own writings.  So, I am very interested in having this new series of wee Lovecraftian vignettes see their first publication in this great new source, the Lovecraft ezine above.  The magazine will also be publishing some few of my other Mythos tales, beginning next month.  It comes to me, again & again, what a great time this is to be a Lovecraftian!!

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