Saturday, March 5, 2011

Maybe Now I Can Chill

I think one reason I have been so unable to concentrate on writing this past month was -- I am so ready to have a new book out.  I was feeling so frustrated, knowing that I had readied four books for publication last year and not seeing them come into being.  But yesterday's mail brought my copies of The Tangled Muse, my omnibus from Centipede Press -- &, Great Yuggoth!, it is honestly the moft beautiful book I have ever seen.  Jerad has a true genius for book design, which is one reason that Centipede Press has become such an acknowledged publishing house.  What he did with this new version of my book is simply amazing & magnificent.  Jerad used the illustration that I found by Virgil Finlay of the woman attired in her tangled tresses as a visual motif at the beginning of the book.  The image is first used in dark negative, a gray image on black background.  It looks spectral.  The same negative image is used, enlarged, for the book's title page, and it looks so cool.  And then the image is reproduced once more, clearly as it is seen above.  I love that this remarkable illustration has become my Tangled Muse -- you can imagine how freaked out I was when I first discover'd ye illustration when, looking for art to use for the book, I did a wee Google on Finlay.  I probably screamed like a drag queen when I first set eyes on the image, it is too perfect.

So now I can relax and just concentrate on writing the next few books.  I feel a kind of aesthetic calm now, knowing that this beautiful book is publish'd & will soon be in ye hands of yem whut have order'd it.  It's been a long wait & I thank ye for your patience.  I did a reading from the book as my new vlog over on my YouTube channel, and will probably do a few more.  It is the duty of all small press writers to promote their own books, because, honey, small press publishers ain't got no clue when it comes to promotion.

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