Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Book Half Sold Out!

Incredibly, my next book is already half sold out at Horror Mall after just a few days of going up for pre-sale!  I wish I had known about this when I was a skinny little sissy being shoved into lockers in Junior High and High School.  I could have told my butch tormentors, "You know, decades from now my new book will be half sold out in a matter of days, so screw you."  Some Unknown Gulf of Night will be published as a beautiful limited edition signed hardcover, illustrated by the amazing Matthew Jaffe, and sell for $65.  150 pages, and just 100 copies.  I consider it the finest and strangest book I have ever penned.  Click on ye title to this wee blog to be taken to the Miskatonic Books Blog, from which you may be linked to Horror Mall and order ye book while yet they last!  I've just posted one final promotional video on my YouTube channel, reading from the book.  I have become quite fond of doing my vlogs on my MrWilum channel -- it's become like doing one of my punk rock fanzines, where I splatter my personality on the page -- only with a video I can reveal myself as never before.  Some are hoffify'd -- some enchanted & amused.  As a promotional tool for writers, the video blog is simply wonderful.  You can shew your new book to the webcam and read from it, you can talk about the books your friends have written and shew them to the world.  It's awesome. 

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