Thursday, April 7, 2011

Arcane Wisdom Press book is Sold Out!

Some Unknown Gulf of Night, my 37,000 word prose-poem sequence to be publish'd this Summer by Arcane Wisdom Press, is now sold out in its limited edition hardcover.  I be amazed, and I thank all of you who pre-ordered it.

I have mention'd that I was planning on writing a book next year with Jeffrey Thomas, of connected stories about a sinister New England artist ("Pickman's Model" is never far from my haunted mind....)  Happily, Joe Morey of Dark Regions Press has shewn keen interest in publishing ye book, and he is a publisher I have been interested in working with -- so bollocks to waiting until next year, I want Jeff and I to write the entire book this year!  I've just asked him some technical info about razors that are used by artists, as for this first story I have a wee scene in mind when a woman is trying to seduce our artist in her boudoir, but he doesn't seem interested in her ponderous breasts, so she says something like, "Aren't you interested in women?"  To which he replies, "I am wed to darkness."  But then he studies the flat white surface of her torso, and is inspir'd, so he takes a razor, from his satchel perhaps, and proceeds to etch her portrait in her flesh.  To make it really kinky I was thinking he might use one of those feminine razors with which women shave their pubic hair -- but I think an artist's razor wou'd be appropriate.  A few days ago I watched the sweet Roger Cormon film, Pit and the Pendulum, on telly, and it gave me an ache to make this first story, set in Arkham, kinda Poe-Gothic in the Roger Corman/Vincent Price tradition.  But maybe that would be too camp -- even for me.................................................

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