Sunday, April 24, 2011

New book almoft finish'd

Got a new printer, and it has a scanner -- my first scanner!  So I've been having fun scanning some of the old photos.  Above it me on ye cover of a Penguin Classics edition of the magnificent novel that inspir'd ye title of my Centipede Press omnibus. 

I live with my mother, in the house that my father had built when I was five.  It has always felt like home, and during the past few decades when I have lived elsewhere, I always felt an ache of homesickness whenever I would visit my folks.  I wanted to go back home and live in that house.  Now I do, as my mother can no longer live alone.  It's one of the reasons that I've been able to write such a slew of books these past two years.  I shall inherit this house, so it will be my home for my remains of day.  The difficulty comes, as a writer, when Mother has her bad days, when she becomes confused or lonely.  I worked on the last story for my new book last week and wasn't able to  finish one bloody paragraph because of craziness here at home.  But now the story seems to be flowing, and I shall probably have it completed before my 60th birthday, on May 3.  May 3 is also the day that RuPaul's new album is released!  I am gonna do me a video celebration in big drag on my YouTube channel!

I like how this final story for my new book is coming along.  It is another tale that touches on the legend of Nyarlathotep.  I can't stop writing dem t'ings.  It is set in Gershom, my city of exiles.  I created this new fictive locality as a way of writing weird fiction in an urban setting.  I had been reading some of that New Weird stuff and told myself, "Hey, you can invent a cool city and with that new setting you can write cutting edge tales that aren't Lovecraftian!"  Right.  The first tale set in Gershom was "Some Distant Memory," a tale that saw its first publication in The Tangled Muse (I submitted it to Weird Tales, but it were rejected, poor thing...).  It is influenced by Lovecraft's "Pickman's Model" -- so much for this new setting inspiring non-Lovecraftian fiction!  The story will be reprinted in a Cthulhu anthology forthcoming from Night Shade Books.  The second tale set in Gershom was "The Tangled Muse."  I finally wrote a third tale, "Let Us Wash This Thing," and it will see its first publication in this new book from Dark Regions Press.  And now I'm writing my 4th tale set in Gershom, a tale of Nyarlathotep entitled "A Shadow of Your Own Design."

But even though this new book will soon be completed -- there be no rest for ye Wicked Ol' Queen.  I begin immediately working on a book I am writing with Jeffrey Thomas, a series of tales concerning a sinister New England artist, Enoch Coffin.  And I finally begin serious and concentrated work on my book with Maryanne K. Snyder, of tales and poetry all of which is inspir'd by the Works of Clark Ashton Smith.

So on this Easter Sunday (hey, isn't the new Lady Gaga song, "Judas," releas'd today??!!) my prayer to Jesus is, Please give me a few more years in which to write so many new books that when I then celebrate my Happy Extinction from this Mortal Coil I will leave behind me one big-ass body of work in ye weird fiction genre. 

Can I get an "amen"?


  1. I've been meaning to ask you: Have you heard this album called Saurian Meditations by Karl Sanders? That is an album with some very Lovecraftian influences on the music. Methinks you might dig it.

  2. I have not heard of the album and will check it out. DEPTHS OF DREAMS AND MADNESS is now complete -- the new tale I was trying to write got so bogged down and boring that I decided not to bother.