Monday, May 30, 2011

Malware or whatever it's called

I'VE PICKED UP A BLOODY WORM (gotta stay off those queer cowboy wrestling sites........) -- and I cannot access my email.  When I come on the Internet this worm turns everything off and my screen goes black.  I've try'd System Restore and other things, but it's no go.  I have no email so the best way to contact me is at Facebook, I am still able to access the Web, if not for long.  Don't know how to fix it or what to do.  I may just stay offline for a long long time.  As long as I can access Microsoft Word and work on new books, that's all I need.  My great concern is not being able to hear from my publishers, who send contracts &c via email.  I thus return to ye primitive non-Internet realm -- where life is slow and dull but free of electric worms. 

Editors can phone me at (206) 725-8848 -- but if caller I. D. doesn't identify you I usually don't pick up unless you begin leaving a recorded message and I know who you are -- get gobs of yem lousy solicitors, so I do.

Or you can correspond:
Wilum Pugmire
5115 South Mead Street
Seattle, WA 98118

Sorry for the inconvenience, darlings.



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    May you find the way out soon.

  2. You poor dear. You really should look into having a decent Linux-based operating system, Linux Mint for example. That'll take care of all your malware woes.