Friday, May 27, 2011

Yo Followers!

So I don't see my followers listed any longer.  Did I do something that deleted them?  Did I dream that they existed?  I'm confused.  Been real busy trying to write and all.  Hope to have a substantial new blog in a few days.

Later--never mind, there they are.

I am feeling so very old, having turned sixty this year.  I was reminded of how much I have changed from the skinny Jewish-looking kid with Kafkaesque ears above when, yesterday, two very lovely young friends came to visit me from Kansas.  We did a vlog on YouTube, and I watched myself in the background, and I thought, "When the hell did I become this grotesque bloated creature?  How have I grown so antient?"  Mentally I feel no different, I am still so young-in-heart and childish in my mind.  I feel extremely lucky to be living the life of a full-time writer.  At the moment I am having an extremely difficult time concentrating on this new book I am writing with Jeffrey Thomas.  He has already completed two stories and is nearly finish'd with a third -- & I am on page two of my first tale.  Life keeps interrupting work, and taking care of my invalid mother is becoming more demanding and thus I am more and more exhausted at this time of night, which I usually set aside for writing.  I miss getting utterly lost in the writing of a new thing, something I haven't really experienced since working on Some Unknown Gulf of Night.

I just did the final proofing of that book, and as soon as I get and sign the signature sheets and return them to Larry, the book goes to print.  Honeys, I am more excited about the publication of this book than any other I've worked on except for The Tangled Muse.  I like that one of my new books publish'd this year will be all-original work, no reprints.

As I grow older, I become more and more focused on doing the one thing that really brings me joy--writing Lovecraftian weird fiction.  That will be my focus this next decade.  If I have my way, by the time I reach 70 I am gonna have so many books written and publish'd you won't believe it.

Or I'll die trying!


  1. You are not grotesque, you are magnificent. Here's to sixty more years.