Monday, June 27, 2011

Banner Year for Mythos Anthologies!

Look ma -- got my name on ye cover!  Just below the magnificent Thomas Ligotti!  

This is proving to be a wonderful year for Cthulhu Mythos anthologies.  I was recently sent the new anthology Historical Lovecraft, but life has been way too chaotic for me to dip into the book yet.  It has been getting rave reviews at Amazon.  The editors also do the free online site, Innsmouth Free Press, a lovely place to read new Mythos fiction.

I am still awaiting my copy of Dead But Dreaming II from Miskatonic River Press, in which a story that took me decades to "realise" -- my sequel-of-sorts to Robert Bloch's "The Skull of the Marquis de Sade," has nigh been publish'd.  The first Dead But Dreaming was an extremely popular book, and I have high expectations for this second offering.

Two fabulous reprint anthologies will be published in Autumn.  I am delirious about appearing in The Book of Cthulhu, forthcoming from those rad kids at Night Shade Books.  The contents is simply amazing.  And of course Prime books will release, in September, New Cthulhu--The Recent Weird, in which one of my better tales, "The Fungal Stain," will be reprinted. 

I'm hoping that all of this is but the beginning of a new vogue in the publication of Lovecraftian anthologies.  Lois Gresh is editing Arkham Nightmares for Arkham House, and that promises to contain many fine new tales some of which will explore Lovecraftian regions.  And S. T. Joshi has an anthology coming out maybe next year, Spawn of the Green Abyss, which contains both reprints and some few brand new Mythos tales.  Joshi is also working with Larry Roberts and Arcane Wisdom Press on a new line of books, Modern Mythos Library, that will publish Mythos novels and collections picked by S. T.  S. T. is also editing Black Wings II and Black Wings III for P. S. Publishing.

It is a great time to be a Mythos writer!  Of my own books, The Tangled Muse from Centipede Press is almost sold out, and that amazes me.  And my September hardcover from Dark Regions Press, Gathered Dust and Others, just went up for pre-sale, and people seem to be quickly ordering the special leather-bound boxed edition.  Many thanx to everyone who has purchas'd my books--you make this groovy life possible, this writing life that is of such mammoth importance to me.  Kisses to all.

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