Monday, June 20, 2011

Eldritch Bookmarks & S. T. Joshi!

Those who pre-order the fabulous new anthology Dead But Dreaming II from Miskatonic River Press will receive the above fabtranulous bookmark sign'd by moi!  Pretty damn cool.  This bookmark is printed on sturdy card stock and is quite lovely.  Order your copy of this book this instant!  One side of the bookmark shews Dead But Dreaming II, while the other side shews ye magnificent Jeffrey Thomas cover for my first book from MRP, The Strange Dark One--Tale of Nyarlathotep.  The photo of me is from an Eldritch Queen moment at MythosCon.  My eyebrows were painted on unevenly, but oh well, some girls just need help.

Had a lovely time with our local gang, who descended upon mother and me with laughter and Thai food.  It was a really great time, the highlight being a 15 minute interview with S. T. Joshi that I recorded on YouTube and then posted on my Facebook page.  S. T. discusses many forthcoming projects and was quite delightful.  We couldn't get him to sing on camera, as has been requested by many of his fans; but I just got an email from him saying he does want to please his fans and thus S. T. wants to get together around ye holidays and do a video of Holiday Songs!  Stay tuned!!!

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  1. The bookmark looks great! I can't wait to get the book into my eager pseudopods. (It's not far away now.)

    The vlog was very nice -- it is always cool-beyond-belief to hear what S. T. (and the Queen of Eldritch Horror, of course!) is up to. I hope his HPL novel finds a publisher soooooon. In the meantime, I have CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE left to read.