A Little Better

I used System Restore and things are a bit better -- although some times when I am on the Internet I am suddenly removed from it for no apparent reason.  Other weird things are happening.  I'm still getting fake scam "warnings" about malicious malware that tell me to click on this and then all will be repaired.  Bogus.

Life has been exhausting and really depressing.  Mom is getting weaker and weirder, took her in to the hospital on Sunday and found out that her dilantin levels were high and toxic.  Brought her home yesterday but need to take her to her main doctor today.

Been having such a difficult time trying to get into the writing of my new book, one that I am writing in collaboration with Jeffrey Thomas.  It will be a series of stories concerning a sinister New England artist, Enoch Coffin.  Jeff has already sent me his first two stories and is close to completing a third!  I've yet to complete one page of my first -- although I found a new beginning that I think may now work.  I asked Jeff to work on this book with me because he had been dejected by the way that S. T. trashed Jeff's Lovecraftian tales in The Rise and Fall of the Cthulhu Mythos -- to the point where Jeff was determined never to write another Lovecraftian tale.  I've seen S. T.'s critiques have this kind of reaction on other writers that he trashed and I wasn't about to tolerate its effect on Jeff, who is simply a wonderful weird artist in fiction and illustration.  So I feel that my efforts have been successful and Jeff's stories are superb Lovecraftian tales.  But I really like this initial idea of my own and hope I can find my way into the telling of it.

Part of my distraction is that I've moved my writing from the quiet, dark and secluded basement up to the dining room, so that I can be near mom, who sits in an armchair just behind me.  I need to keep more of an eye on her and not leave her alone for hours when I am down working on a new book, I get lost in that writing zone and time and ye world become nonexistent. 

Anyway, I am determined to get back to work.  And soon -- oh, soon, soon -- my very finest book, Some Unknown Gulf of Night, will be releas'd, & the joy I shall then experience will inspire gobs of writing energy, I know.



  1. Best wishes for your mum and for your writing, Mr. WIlum.


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