Monday, July 4, 2011


One of today's most remarkable and excellent genre presses is Centipede Press.  Jerad (pictured above on your right) is almost frantic in his desire to publish wonderful book after book.  And now his Centipede Press website has a brand new look -- but I must warn you that visiting it can be agonizing because of all the AWESOME BOOKS HE HAS FORTHCOMING!!!  I mean, My Gawd, The Agonizing Resurrection of Victor Frankenstein and Other Gothic Tales by Thomas Ligotti -- a rare book that has been so difficult to obtain!  For this new edition, Ligotti has personally revised all of the works, some of them quite substantially, and he has written a new Introduction for the volume.  Harry O. Morris has provided 11 stunning new illustrations for the book, all of which will be printed in colour.

Then there is Lee Brown Coye: A Retrospective, reproducing the artwork of this master craftsman.  And -- o my gawd! -- KARL EDWARD WAGNER: Masters of the Weird Tale -- edited and with an Introduction by Stephen Jones, additional Introduction by Peter Straub and personal reminiscence by David Drake, and with an Afterword by Laird Barron, over 700 pages of bonny Karl's horror fiction, profusely illustrated.

It has been the high-point of my life as an author to work with Jerad on The Tangled Muse.  His genius as a book designer thrill'd me, as I wanted my book to resemble some tome that had spill'd forth from Oscar Wilde's Yellow Nineties fin-de-siecle -- and Jerad accomplish'd this feat with his expert hand.

The newly design'd site has an Opinion Page for which I have written a wee thing concerning my relationship with S. T. Joshi.  The mighty Laird Barron contributes a fascinating article entitled "The Tiger Stripe," and Dave Roberts contributes a fascinating article on "The Scholar Geek."  New articles from a wealth of writers and others will be presented each month, and Centipede readers/customers are invited to get in on ye action.  I urge you to visit this fabulous site.  Jerad's books are pricy, yet worth every cent.  They are among the finest books of genre fiction being publish'd to-day.

Clicking on the title to this blog will take you directly to Centipede Press -- that Wonderland of Horror!!!!


  1. It is pretty cool! So many books, so little money.

  2. Very cool indeed. I just picked up a 2nd copy of The Tangled Muse when preordering the upcoming Ligotti; felt inclined to get hold of the 'official' after learning I had one of the 'banned' printings.


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