Monday, July 11, 2011

Soon -- soon -- & it's GORGEOUS!

Larry Roberts sent me the proof copy of my newest book, SOME UNKNOWN GULF OF NIGHT -- and, Great Yuggoth, it's a lovely wee book!  I may be deluded in thinking this is the best book I have yet written -- that may just be my sense of wonder in the way the book came about, as a total surprise of inspiration culled from listening to Will Hart's magnificent readings of Fungi from Yuggoth on his YouTube channel.  I was suddenly overwhelmed with the need to write this book before the end of 2010.  "I'm gonna write this book before I go to MythosCon," I assured myself, not really believing I could do such a thing.  I was possess'd by the writing, more powerfully than I have ever been as a Lovecraftian weird artist, and the writing of the book became the entering of a realm of intoxicated ecstasy that can only be found in the work -- the delicious intense labor that we writers are sometimes blessed with, when we enter that writing zone and nothing else exists.

Each number'd segment in Some Unknown Gulf of Night is my aesthetic response, in prose-poem or vignette, to that number'd sonnet in Lovecraft's cycle of poetry; thus, my segment XVIII shewn above is my "response" to Sonnet XVIII, "The Garden s of Yin," in Fungi from Yuggoth.  Thus, when reading my book, it might be fun to first read the poem in Lovecraft's work, and then read my imaginative reply to it in my wee book. 

The book is now in production and will be shipping in about three weeks.  It is simply gorgeous, beautifully design'd by Larry Roberts, superbly illustrated by the wonderful Matthew Jaffe.  I really do think it might be the best book, in the writing and power of imagination, that I have compos'd.  I am especially fond of the prose-poem and vignette forms, and am thrill'd to have this book out this year, this year in which Centipede Press will be publishing their gorgeous edition of Thomas Ligotti's vignettes, The Agonizing Resurrection of Victor Frankenstein and Other Gothic Tales.

There may be some few copies of Some Unknown Gulf of Night still available for pre-order at HorrorMall.

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