Thursday, July 7, 2011

Strange New Compulsion

The above image from Lovecraft's "The Lurking Fear" is by the wonderful Raymond Bayless, and was for the first of the Arkham House Corrected Texts editions edited by the indefatigable S. T. Joshi.  I've been doing a series of video commentaries on Lovecraft's Tales for my YouTube channel, and in April I discuss'd "The Lurking Fear," a story that I have always enjoy'd.  The tale recently came up in a Lovecraft thread at Thomas Ligotti Online where it was suggested by some that HPL wasn't completely serious in writing the story, because some of the language is admittedly overblown.  I reject the idea that Lovecraft parody'd his style in this tale or in "The Hound" -- reject that idea absolutely.  "The Lurking Fear" is told by a madman who is gradually losing his hold on sanity, and his descent from sanity is mirror'd in the story's wild language and emotional stress.  Right? So I decided I needed to reread "The Lurking Fear" and then I remember'd that there was a link to a two-part audio rendition of it at the too-wonderful Lovecraft eZine, so I downloaded that and have just listen'd to it ~~~~~~~~

& nigh I have a Strange Compulsion . . . . .
I'm gonna write my own version of "The Lurking Fear."  No, for real, y'all.  I know, I know -- it's such a fanboy idea.  Don't care.  My story will be called
"What Lurking Fear"
W. H. Pugmire, Esq.
It's gonna have four 2,000 word chapters, and I am going to use the same titles for my chapters that Grandpa used in his tale.  The story will be set in Dunwich and concern one Yannick Martense who lives in a queer mansion atop a high domed hill in Dunwich.  He is visited by the sinister New England artist, Enoch Coffin.  The story will be for the book I am writing with Jeffrey Thomas, a collection of connected tales concerning Enoch Coffin and his intimate relationship with nameless arcane weirdness.  I am totally obsess'd with this idea and even though it sounds comical -- I shall be as utterly serious in my writing of ye tale as Lovecraft was in writing "The Lurking Fear" . . . 

(stop your chortling.....)

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  1. My first HPL book, when I was aged but 14 years, was that Del Rey paperback, and the first story I ever read by the Providence Gentleman was indeed "The Lurking Fear," which I read on a long bus trip whilst listening to Iron Maiden on headphones. A fond, fond memory. Best of luck on your endeavor!