SOME UNKNOWN GULF OF NIGHT trade pb next month!

I love having a book come out in October, my favourite month--yet I wasn't too disappointed when Tom Lynch shyly inform'd me on ye phone that Miskatonic River Press wouldn't be able to bring out THE STRANGE DARK ONE next month as we had planned.  He still has two more books to bring forth this year--both of which will be fantastic, S. T. Joshi's anthology of essays on the Cthulhu Mythos called DISSECTING CTHULHU and the weird fiction anthology HORROR FOR THE HOLIDAYS (in which I have a new wee yarn called "The Tomb of Oscar Wilde").

However -- the hardcover edition of SOME UNKNOWN GULF OF NIGHT is now out of print--which explains why the chap who is selling it for $75 on Amazon suddenly inflated ye price to $90!  And so Larry Roberts and Arcane Wisdom Press will be bringing out GULF in its trade paperback edition -- next month!! Whoo-hoo!  So I gets me a book out for All Hallow's after all.  Sweet.  I like to have my books in affordable editions for those who are as poor as I am and cannot afford expensive hardcovers.

So October is going to be a lovely month.  My sister, Linda, is coming to town for October 11th, which is her daughter's birthday as well as our Mother's birthday--and she will stay until the 18th so that I can go on ye 17th to this gig that Penguin Books has set up for S. T. Joshi at the University Bookstore, where he will promote his Penguin Classics edition of Arthur Machen.

I hope you are all well.  Ah--how I adore Autumn!


  1. Really looking forward to the reading GULF for Halloween- wish I could have afforded the limited edition, but your prose is deluxe in any format, and your commitment to making the work available to all is very much appreciated - and so very Old School Punk Rock of you!

  2. Thanks. Yes, the old punk in me is responsible for a lot of my attitude, such as my insistence that I write what I want to write in the manner I wish to write it. I'm glad to have at least one paperback coming out this year, so readers who ain't loaded with $$$ can buy one of my books. So, GULF comes out as trade pb next month, and then GATHERED DUST will be publish'd in November in hardcover. Then next year I'll have three paperback books out and one hardcover.


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