Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Visit from Ye Lovecraft Scholar

S. T. Joshi, along with Sunni and Jason Brock, will be visiting me tomorrow.  I shall endeavor to get them before my webcam and have Jason interview S. T.  Sunand wants to bring me one of his new books, DISECCTING CTHULHU, a collection of essays concerning ye Cthulhu Mythos that he has edited and has just been publish'd by Miskatonic River Press.  As an author of Lovecraftian weird fiction, I often find such essays extremely edifying and inspirational--they help me to see aspects of Lovecraft's fiction of which I wou'd otherwise be clueless, and sometimes they contain hints that set my imagination on fire and thus inspire new tales.  I also want Jason to get S. T. to talk about the newest issue (#2) of WEIRD FICTION REVIEW, as I don't think the journal has had much press.   

Things here have been crazy.  We have been having at least two therapists or visiting nurses come each day to examine mother and check out how we're doing.  Yesterday we got mom a hospital bed, and it's so wonderful I want one for myself!  Starting tomorrow we have caregivers coming four nights a week to help put mom to bed (since Ghostboy will be gone to work on those nights).  My friend Greg is bringing over a used desktop computer and will install it down here for Ghostboy's exclusive use, and we will move this laptop upstairs to the dining room, which is where I wrote my last book, ENCOUNTERS WITH ENOCH COFFIN.  I need not to have to climb the stairs up and down to the basement and back, it weakens me profoundly, so we are moving my writing back upstairs and perhaps this will, in time, help me to return to full-time writing, although I think I'm still a long way from that.  This last illness robbed me of much strength, and things still aren't "right"-- I think I'm suffering still from dehydration, however much water I drink.

So look for a new S. T. JOSHI video tomorrow on my MrWilum channel over at YouTube.  I cannot tell you how cool it is, still, to have the world's leading Lovecraft scholar living in my home town.  Even though we are now close friends, there is still a bit of magick in the air when S. T. is here, because of my hero-worship.  I like that he can inspire that fanboy enthusiasm in me.  I plan to have Jason and S. T. talk about their new projects, and there will be many to speak of, because both gents are extremely creative and always working on new things.  I'll be posting the video on my Facebook profile as well.  Enjoy!


  1. Where can I get one of those Dunwich t-shirts you're sporting in the end pic? Looks great!


  2. Allo Wilum,

    I do hope that your recovery continues apace. In the future, once you are feeling more yourself or a superior version thereof, would you consider a Youtube video concerning your friend Jessica Salmonson? Like Thomas Ligotti, T.E.D. Klein, and Poppy Z. Brite she is one of those wonderful authors of horror and the supernatural that appears to simply have stopped writing. Most unfortunate, but unlike the previous three mentioned she does not seem quite as well known and, I believe, could certainly use a bit of a spotlight shined upon her. Just a suggestion, but something that I and a close friend would be most interested in viewing. Thank you.


  3. I got the Dunwich t-shirt at the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival, a great place for Lovecraftian attire!

    Jessica Salmonson is one of our finest writers. Her collections such as THE DEEP MUSEUM and A SILVER THREAD OF MADNESS are simply brilliant. She hasn't completely stopped writing, and has just agreed to work with me on a new collection of weird fiction. I love collaborating with her, and I don't feel I am strong/healthy enough to write a new book on my own. So Jessica is gonna help me write my next book, and we hope to make a 100,0000 words of dark and demented horror fiction.