Monday, February 27, 2012

New Book Up For Order

UNCOMMON PLACES: A COLLECTION OF EXQUISITES is now up for order at ye Hippocampus Press website!  Click on ye title of this blog to be taken to their site.  I am really really excited about the publication of this book, because it is different from my usual Mythos thing.  H. P. Lovecraft, in one of the letters wherein he bemoan'd the state of his writing, his inability to do the things he ached to do as an artist, mentioned in almost casual fashion that perhaps the medium he was working in was all wrong for what he really wanted to accomplish, and that perhaps the perfect medium for his imagination was the prose-poem.  I have become, over the past few years, obsessed with the prose-poem form, and so when I began working on this new book for Hippocampus Press I asked S. T. if it could include a mostly prose-poems and my prose-poem/vignette sequences.  I had written a number of such sequences for The Tangled Muse, such as "In Memoriam: Oscar Wilde" (illustrated above by Gwabryel, the Swiss artist who has done all of the illustrations for Uncommon Places).  My Centipede Press book was super-expensive and extremely limited, and so I knew that this new collection from Hippocampus would include all of the new works that I had penned for the hardcover, thus allowing them to be in a less expensive book that would have a higher print run.  Thus I organized UNCOMMON PLACES so that it would showcase my intense love for the prose-poem, and the book is blatantly "arty" in prose style and themes.  I thought that it wouldn't be of much interest to Lovecraftians who liked my usual Mythos things, but as I looked over the book I see that HPL's influence is evident in things that I was certain were not at all in the Lovecraft tradition.  He has tainted me absolutely.

I consider this new book from Hippocampus Press my second best book.  I am extremely happy to have it available for my fans to buy in this low-cost trade edition. 

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