Monday, March 19, 2012


My new book, Uncommon Places, is graced with a number of new illustrations by the fantastic Swiss artist, Gwabryel.  Many of the full-colour illustrations will be reproduced in black and white in the book, but they may been seen in colour at ye Hippocampus website page where my book may be ordered.  Gab did a number of new illustrations for The Tangled Muse, and one of them, illustrating "Inhabitants of Wraithwood," will now be reproduced as the new book's back cover.  Amusingly, Gwabryel placed a Mormon temple within my haunted town of Wraithwood (as ye may see in ye painting above)--thus it seems extremely appropriate that Uncommon Places makes it debut at World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City at the end of this month!  I attended WHC in Salt Lake in 2008, and it was one of the most enjoyable conventions I have ever attended.  How I wish I could go this year.  Part of the fun was returning to Salt Lake City for the first time since returning from my LDS mission in 1972.  When I was a kid my dad would drive the family to Midvale, Utah, where we would spend two weeks visiting his family.  I would always take the bus from Midvale to Salt Lake and spend hours at Temple Square.  I especially loved sitting in the wee movie theatre where they showed a film called Man's Search for Happiness.  I hope all of you attending WHC this year will take ye time to visit Temple Square.  Think of me if you do.  The Salt Lake Temple is a special place for me, for I went through it with my grandfather just before flying off to Ireland to preach the gospel.  My grandpa was one of the coolest people I have ever met, a true Saint in every sense of the word.


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