Saturday, March 31, 2012

Not An Editor

I didn't like editing when I did those first three issues of Tales of Lovecraftian Horror, which is why Bob Price had to eventually take over as editor.  It got so boring have to read so many bad Cthulhu Mythos tales, and it filled me with anguish to have to reject submissions by friends when their story just wasn't right for the journal.  I rather wish, now that it is so difficult (next to impossible, actually) to write new weird fiction, that I had what it takes to be an editor.  There are two books I would especially like to bring forth.  One would be an anthology of all original tales of Nyarlathotep.  Price edited a lovely wee anthology of Nyarlathotep tales for Chaosium.

The copy I have has ye title in gold--here I see it in white.  I wonder if there was a second edition, and if it had additional contents?  It's my favorite Chaosium Cycle book.  I would begin my own book with Lovecraft's sonnet from ye Fungi from Yuggoth and then I'd have all-original tales penned exclusively for the book. 

The other book I would love to edit would be an anthology of tales and poems all of which were inspired by Lovecraft's Fungi from Yuggoth.  I would begin the book with HPL's complete sonnet sequence, and then follow with all-original stories.  To my knowledge, there isn't a current in-print edition of Fungi from Yuggoth available. 

I have my own two books, of course.  Some Unknown Gulf of Night is my book inspired by ye Fungi and was publish'd last year by Arcane Wisdom Press.  My collected tales of Nyarlathotep, The Strange Dark One, will be published this fall by Miskatonic River Press.  Still, how I would love to encourage other modern horror writers to spin new tales inspired by Lovecraft's creations.

Of course the greatest image of Lovecraft's Aegyptian works is this:

How I wish I had that on a t-shirt!

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  1. I well realise the trials of editting, Wilum. You're clearly a gifted writer, and one who magnificently breathes new life (undeath?) into the Mythos genre. There your gifts thrive. Thank you so much for that, and for hipping me to Swedish animator Richard Svensson's treatment of The New England Gent's The Shadow Out of Time. I'd love to see your Sesqua Valley tales treated in like fashion, too. You totally rock ~ (•8-D