Thursday, April 12, 2012

FAR BETWEEN--A Documentary on Gay Mormons

I am in the forthcoming movie, FAR BETWEEN, a documentary about being queer and LDS.  The film crew was here for four hours filming me, and ten minutes of that has been posted on YouTube.  As far as I know. I am ye onlie Eldritch Queen in the film.  It has already had a wonderful effect:  I heard from Elder Mort (as I call him), one of my missionary companions from when I was serving in Northern Ireland in 1972.  He sent me the photo below, of me standing before a wee cottage in Omagh, County Tyrone.  You cannot tell, but I am wearing my plastic vampire fangs.  I see the future horror writer in that photo!  Lots of good memories of my missionary days, so long, long ago.

Clicking on the title of this blog will take you to the FAR BETWEEN website and many more videos.


  1. Just in case you dont check comments from older posts, I just wanted to let you know (unless you have found out since writing the older post) that the Stephen Jones Lovecraft collection Eldritch Tales (the companion to Necronomicon) contains Fungi From Yuggoth.

    1. Many thanks!!! I am delighted to know that the sonnets are in a current edition. I am greatly tempted to buy it just to see if the editor used the corrected text, or if "ho!" is still included in "Night Gaunts."