Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wee Bit o' Progress

That's me in ye Fleur-de-Lys Building at 7 Thomas Street in Providence, Rhode Island.  It was October 2007, and I am jotting impressions in me travel diary.  I was in Providence for four days, & by delicious coincidence S. T. was also in town, doing work at ye John Hay Library.  Being able to enter this rad building was a major treat for me.  There is something magical about being in Providence, standing before the houses where Lovecraft lived and wrote, dwelling within those buildings mentioned in his weird fiction.  As a Lovecraftian writer, I found it all so stimulating.  I was walking on sacred ground.

Because the building figures in "The Call of Cthulhu," I read from that story as I stood in ye main large studio.  It is in this building that HPL has the dreamer & artist, Wilcox, fashion his statuette of Cthulhu.  I knew that, one of these days, I'd have to set one of my own wee tales there.  I did so when I wrote a Providence story for the book I have co-written with Jeffrey Thomas, Encounters with Enoch Coffin (to be published as limited hardcover next year by Dark Regions Press).  But I want to write another story about the building, and about the artist Wilcox.  So that will be the next thing I work on, slowly.  I.m going to write it for THE BOOK OF CTHULHU III, if such a book is actually published.  I've having a story reprinted this year in THE BOOK OF CTHULHU II, but I thought it would be fun to submit a brand new tale to the third volume in the series.

Writing for anthologies seems to be my future for a while.  I enjoy it.  It's a bit depressing to think that my declining health may keep me from working on books of my own, but if I can do individual pieces nigh & then, that's something.  I've had a number of new pieces, wee things all, accepted for publication recently.

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