Thursday, May 24, 2012


One of my fondest memories is our visit to Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge in October of 2007.  The entire place enchanted me, but I was especially captivated by the Sphinx, which seemed a wee touch of Wilde there among ye tombs and monuments.  I think ye moment I set my eyes on that mammoth sculpted beast I knew that I had to bring it into Sesqua Valley.  Such is my senility that I cannot now remember if I have mentioned such a being in any other Sesqua tales, although I have dreamed of it existing there, so perhaps I am remembering those dreams rather than actual stories.  However, with my new book, Bohemians of Sesqua Valley, I am certainly going to mention, in some few tales, the sculpted sphinx that exists within ye valley woodland.  It will bring into those tales aspects of Wilde & Baudelaire, I think.

The new book will consist of all original tales set in Sesqua Valley, and there will be a new prose-poem/vignette sequence, "Unhallowed Places," in the middle of the collection, to serve as poetic interlude.  I completed, at 7,390 words, this new piece last night.  Its final segments are located in Providence, Rhode Island, as a way of celebrating NecronomiCon Providence, the Lovecraft convention that is slated to occur in Providence in ye summer of 2013.

I can't tell you how cool it feels to be working on a new book, after having convinced myself that I wasn't going to write a new book for a few years.  I simply must have a new book out for NecronomiCon 2013I hope to have the book deliver'd to my publisher, Larry Roberts and Arcane Wisdom Press, by ye end of this year.

The opening tale of the new book will be a new collaboration with Maryanne K. Snyder, with whom I am pictured below.  The tale, "One Card Unturned," is a Sesqua Valley novelette.

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