Thursday, July 19, 2012

Busy Little B

So my friend Aaron asked me to supply him a blurb for a book he has edited, Songs of the Satyrs, and sent me some of ye book's contents.  It's an anthology of fantastic fiction that delves into the creatures of Greek mythology.  Well, shucks, I love Greek myth and as I read over the stories I told myself, "I don't want to write a blurb--I wanna be in the book!"  So I wrote ye editor a wee vignette, "To Dance Among Your Puppets," & it shall be included as ye introductory piece to the book's Lovecraftian section.  The book will be publish'd in September.

Having a rather busy week-end.  I will be meeting S. T. Joshi and ye gang for Thai food on Saturday, & then we are coming back to my pad to record a video on YouTube in which S. T. can promote Black Wings II and the other 30 or so books he has coming out.  I love doing vlogs with S. T., especially when I decide to look absolutely derang'd sitting side by side with such a tastefully sedate dresser.

Anyway, the new video is happening on Saturday ye 21st.  And then on Sunday, ye 22, I am taking part in another form of video madness, a Google Hang-Out, where I will gather on-line with Mike Davis of the Lovecraft eZine and a horde of other Lovecraftians so as to discuss my Lovecraftian weird fiction.  Fun!  Here's a link to ye eZine for more details:

I have so many planned projects that I hesitate to name them all.  I am writing the final novelette, entitled "Mestizo of R'lyeh," for the new book, Bohemians of Sesqua Valley.  The book will be publish'd next year by Arcane Wisdom Press, and the fantastic Swiss artist, Gwabryel (who illustrated my newest book, Uncommon Places) hath been commissioned to illustrate the collection.  Here is Gwabryel's illustration for my prose-poem sequence, "In Memoriam: Oscar Wilde":

Oh--speaking of Wilde:  Dark Regions Press has just asked me to write them a new book for 2014.  I have decided to write an entire book inspir'd by the Life & Works of Oscar Wilde.  For this tome I shall finally concentrate on penning some new tales set in Gershom, my city of exiles, where one of my main recurring characters, Sebastian Melmoth, is modeled on Wilde.

I'm doing all of that, and I still have time to worship Barbra Streisand.  It's a wonderful life.


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  1. I love Gwabryel's illustration. I want to bang that sexy, wasted ballet chick.