Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yet Another Book Completed

This is basically an example, a testimonial, of how little control I have over my self.  I seriously thought I wou'd stop writing for two years, take a break and then return to creativity refresh'd.  I've written too many books in too wee a time and they are now competing with each other.  So, honey, just stop and rest for a while.  But I cannot.  I am like some creature of chaos, caught within a tempest of vision & creativity, and I can't stop writing.  I have no self-control.  So now I will have two new hardcover collections publish'd in 2013. 

& ye madness will not cease.  Dark Regions Press has asked for another book, and I long to write an entire book of weird fiction inspir'd by the Life & Works of Oscar Wilde.  I've been wanting to return to writing tales set in Gershom, my city of artistic exiles, in which one recurring character, Sebastian Melmoth, is based on Wilde.  So I've promis'd Joe at DRP such a book for late 2014.  Lethe Press, an independent publisher specializing in books of fiction and non-fiction by lesbian and gay writers, has also asked for a collection of queer-up-ye-arse weird fiction, so that is another book I shall begin, slowly, to write.

My immediate task, however, is to begin work on the new book inspir'd by H. P. Lovecraft's Fungi from Yuggoth and the new reading of those sonnets by Paul of Cthulhu.  Just as Will Hart's magnificent reading of Lovecraft's sonnets inspir'd me to write my finest book, Some Unknown Gulf of Night, listening to Paul's readings of the sonnets (which may be purchased as MP3 at  has planted a deep aesthetic ache within me to write a new book inspir'd by E'ch-Pi-El's poems.  I plan (oh!  my plans!  how they always work out!!) to spend two years on this project, and rather than writing a prose poem or vignette I will write a complete (if wee) tale of around 2,000-3,000 words inspir'd by each sonnet beginning with sonnet IV: "Recognition" --

(The first three sonnets of Fungi from Yuggoth form a  tripartite that tells a connected tale; thus, I will write a weird tale of 6,000 words using as inspiration those first three sonnets.)  Each of the new pieces will first see publication in the Lovecraft eZine, and then, once the entire thing has been completed, I will publish'd all of them collected as one single volume. 

I also need to return to work on a Clark Ashton Smith-inspired tale that I want to write with Jessica Amanda Salmonson.  And S. T. Joshi has just invited me to write for a new Lovecraftian anthology he has in mind.  No rest for ye Wicked!!

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