Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Kitty, New Story

I am at present working on my daemonic ear-trumpet tale, the story that so many have warned me not to write because one can never write a serious weird tale about an ear trumpet.  The idea has tickled my brain for almoft two years nigh, and in order to stop ye tickling I simply must write ye tale.  I am up to 800 words, and am setting ye tale in Sesqua Valley.  It's not really inspir'd by anything of Derleth's, so I have entitled it "Someone in Darkness," so as to echo the title of Derleth's first Arkham House collection.  One of the things I will try to do with this book of Derleth-inspired weird fiction is to simplify my narrative tone; but that is probably a futile attempt, as I always end up writing exactly as I always do.  I found a wondrous ear-trumpet on which to base the one I shall conjure in my tale:

That looks rather Lovecraftian, eh wot?

So, I shall spend the day writing this wee thing--I doubt that it will be longer than 3,000 words--and my plan is to try and have this new book mostly written by year's end.  I will then submit it to Dark Regions Press.  My other book, of weird fiction inspir'd by the Life and Work of Oscar Wilde, will then be written for Lethe Press, a house that specializes in queer literature.


with S. T. and doggie at ye home of Jonathan Thomas in Providence

a lovely orange cat in Marblehead, MA

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