Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Novelette Completed

It has been unspeakably hot to-day, way too hot to concentrate on ye creation of new original fiction.  That annoy'd me, as I want to write my portion of my new collaboration with Jessica Amanda Salmonson, with whom I am writing a story inspir'd by the glorious weird fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith.  So I decided to use this hot hot day as a time to carefully proof and polish ye new Sesqua Valley novelette, "A Presence of the Past."  I have dedicated my story to ye memory of Adam Niswander.  The tale itself is my own version of E'ch-Pi-El's "The Lurking Fear," complete with a dark hill, "Tempest Hill," atop of which stands the hoary and haunted Martense mansion.  I was inspir'd to write so audacious a thing by my editor's request that the story be 11,000 words in length and that each chapter have its own title, which reminded me of the stories that Lovecraft wrote for Home Brew.  Writing such a story feels almoft illicit and frightfully fanboy; & yet one strives to make the thing a serious tribute to H. P. Lovecraft and a good story in itself. 

I am now anxious to begin work on the new book, which will be a collection in which all of the stories, poems and prose-poems will be inspir'd by the Life & Works of Oscar Wilde.  I will be writing this new book for Dark Regions Press.  I feel such an audacious and inescapable compulsion to create more and more books of decadent weird fiction.  It will not surprise me if I have the Wilde-inspired book completed by ye end of the year.  I live to write.

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