Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My new collection up for pre-order

I just ran out of Hallowe'en candy, and honey I bought four bags of the stuff.  But I am to blame, because I bought that kind of candy that I find irresistible, & thus I've been "invading" ye bags for a week, so as to devour my favourites.  It's just after nine p.m., & I hope to spend an hour or two trying to work on the new novelette.

I am happy to announce that my new collection of Lovecraftian weird fiction, above, is now available for pre-order at Miskatonic River Press [].  This is my collection of stories concerning ye Outer God, Nyarlathotep (whom I ignorantly have been calling a "Great Old One" for moft of my Lovecraftian life, but a fellow acolyte clued me in...).  I am extremely pleased with this  collection and anxious for it to see print & find its way into ye hands of they who dig my eldritch.  Ye Contents is:

"The Strange Dark One," a novelette of 14,000 words, set in Sesqua Valley, that is, in part, a sequel to August Derleth's "The Dweller in Darkness."  I consider it one of ye finest Sesqua Valley tales that I have even penned.
"Immortal Remains."  This is yet another revision of this old story, & yet with this version it is almoft a completely new tale.  It nigh features ye diabolique Simon Gregory Williams, & has been expanded to almost 3,000 words.
"Past the Gates of Deepest Dreaming."  Slightly revis'd, 7,340 words.  Set partially in Sesqua Valley.
 "One Last Theft."  A tale of 10,000 words, slightly revis'd, set in Sesqua Valley.
"The Hands That Reek and Smoke."  Another personal favourite among my own tales.  It has just been reprinted in The Book of Cthulhu II.  
"The Audient Void."  A very odd Sesqua Valley vignette of 1,500 words; completely rewritten for this collection.
"Some Bacchante of Irem."  Has not been reprinted since it appear'd in a past issue of Dark Discoveries; I think I meant it to be set in Boston but cannot now remember.  It features Simon Gregory Williams.
"To See Beyond."  A 7,500 word sequel to Robert Bloch's story, "The Cheaters."  Set in Sesqua Valley, it concerns Simon Gregory William's debauch of Sebastian Grimm's suicidal effort; & it contains a character filter'd, sort of, from E'ch-Pi-El's "The Music of Erich Zann." 

Each story is illustrated by Jeffrey Thomas, who also created that fabulous cover.   It feels good to have collection these tales of ye Crawling Chaos in one volume.  I hope it will bring pleasure to my readers.  Oh, Miskatonic River Press will be offering this in ebook format, for all of ye who have burn'd your physical libraries and read only on your flat illuminated Kindles.  Selah.
one of Jeff's interior montages

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